List Of Popular Online Casino Games And Their Guide


Online casino games are as varied as the people that play them. As there are plenty of online gambling places available, you might get confused while choosing one of them as a player. Well, once you’ve signed up at an online casino you might feel a little bit overcome by all the different games on offer.

Now the next question is, which one to choose to play? Well, no one can really choose for you, here is a list that you will possibly get from Norway’s Biggest Online Casino Guide.

Playing online casino games can be tons of fun. You might get confused about how to play the virtual reality online gambling games and get the fun of real. Well, if this is the case, there’s no need to fret! Here is an expert’s compiled guide of some of the most popular games.

Slots Online Guide

Among the plenty of online casino games, you will find out that Slots are handily the most popular gambling games on the net. Originally these games with their fruit and bell symbols were only 3-reeled.

However, nowadays you’ll find everything from 3-reeled, 5-reeled, other multi-reeled slots as well as the ground-breaking progressive jackpot slots games. One of the reasons that many gamblers feel close to Slots is that each game has its own theme and is immensely easy to play.

Black Jack Online Guide

When it comes to table games in the online realm, Blackjack online is one of the most loved games. It’s a game which has been immortalized in books and movies. This game is of both, luck and strategy which involves hitting, standing, doubling and splitting. When played well according to basic Blackjack strategy, players can surely decrease the house edge in their favor.

Online Video Poker Guide

Video Poker is a modern online gambling game which is based on 5-card draw poker. On stepping inside a brick-and-mortar casino and looking at a Video Poker machine, you’ll notice that this game meshes elements of both slots as well as the casino classic poker.

Yet, this game is not as simple to play as Slots. In order to become a pro at playing this particular game and possibly break the bank, you have to learn how to employ the strategies involved. If you play it properly, you can benefit from some of the best odds in the gambling world.

Keno Online Guide

Although Keno has one of the highest house edges, it is a casino game which is enjoyed by many bettors because of its simple rules and possibility to win large amounts of money. The game is fundamentally like a lottery game in which players select a few numbers and hope their numbers get hit.

Bingo Online Guide

Another online casino game which bears a strong resemblance to a lottery is the beloved game of Bingo. This game has stolen the hearts of people of all ages. The beauty of this game fundamentally is the fact that you can kick back and relax while playing, marking the numbers as they are called out.

Scratch Card Online Guide

Typically, you’ll find that scratch cards are available everywhere from stores, lotto booths, gas stations, and thanks to Digital technologies even online. And with their potential to allow players to generate large wins with such little investment it’s no wonder that scratch cards have become such a phenomenon.


You have a stressful day and looking to have some joyous relax. Or else you just want to win a large sum of money with tons of fun. In both these cases, online gambling games can provide you with a marvelous way to relax.