Exclusive Home Theft Prevention Tips for You during Christmas

burglary during holidays

With Christmas around the corner, festive and celebratory mood blankets the whole neighborhood and community as people are preparing for the family reunion and family trips.

However, if not taking precautions or safety measures, a barrage of unexpected petty thefts or property crimes could leave you distraught and disappointed.


Disgruntled as you might be, it’s crucially significant you are keeping a weather eye on your property whether you are celebrating Christmas together with family or going on vacation after Christmas by resorting to surveillance cameras, smart sensors, alarm system, and other precautions.

Why should you be Extra Cautious?


Reason 1: Spike on Package Theft

As Christmas and New Year looms, more and more parents are starting shopping Christmas gifts for children or parents, some expensive gifts could run up to thousands of bucks, which could be highly valuable and collectible.

These precious Christmas gifts could easily attract the attention of professional burglars or passing strangers especially at the moment when online shopping is becoming a mainstream way of shopping for many parents because of its obvious convenience and time-saving.


More often than not, many front porches or doorsteps are piling up with incoming delivers and packages, most of which are lying around unattended or scattering around without being pick up.

These holiday seasons are becoming the prime time for porch pirates or package snatchers to strike.


Reason 2: Increase in Burglary

Not just the fancy box or package outside your house could signal possible valuable goods stashed inside the house, but also the Christmas decoration around your house will lure people into your house.

CNN reports on burglary around residential areas that in 2013 December witnessed a surge in residential burglaries and many cities are experiencing a peak at home breaking-and-entering.

Shining and glittering Christmas decorations in your front door or around the property are likely to be taken away or snatched by literally anyone.

So you might have a second thought about hanging them out to the world before Christmas even arrives.


What Can You Do to Keep Your Family and House Safe during Christmas?


Tip 1: Keep Your Packages out of Sight of Porch Pirates

After hours of online search and mining, finally you are ready to check out and pay for the items before you click the button and foot the tab, it’s important to check the address for delivery to make sure you are available to retreat the packages.


In order to avoid getting your package stolen, shipping your package to places where you can retrieve later or offices (if that is possible), Amazon lockers, UPS store or personalized digital locker.


Other options could be asking for help from neighbors or trusted friends nearby, it’s important not to leave your package unattended in your front yard or porch.

Properly disposing of your package box or cardboard could also help to prevent possible invasion, unorganized fancy packages tell to the world about your latest addition to the family if you are staying in a shady neighborhood or a place frequent by street teenagers.


Tip 2: Keep Eyes on Doors and Windows

Door and window, especially unlocked door or unlatched windows are extremely attractive to burglars either opportunists or calculated types.

Breaking-and-entering through windows and doors accounts for around one-third of residential burglary, especially through a basement window which is relatively discreet and hard to be spotted by passers-by.


With holiday looming, more and more opportunists are on the prowl for a strike, especially targeting vulnerable groups like elderly people, disabled and minority groups.


1: Reinforce Doors and Window


It’s important to be wary and cautious during this holiday season. Taking small steps to reinforce possible entrances to your house, in many cases, are extremely critical.


Suggesting by many homeowners, an old-schooled way – strengthening the doors with a deadbolt lock, door security bar, and windows with window bar and window locks.


2: Install Smart Door and Window Sensors

There are other alternatives to pricey or sophisticated home alarm system, such as Reolink doors and window sensors, although being tiny and insignificant, can exert enough impact on deterring a possible break-in.


Door sensors, however, could be PIR sensors (such as Reolink PIR sensors) to sense any possible unauthorized entry and break-in by sending notifications and alert to the house owners, or alarm will be tripped and triggered, giving off buzzing, beeping noise to alert neighbors or scare intruders away to some extent.

Echoing to what some convicted criminals reveal in an anonymous survey by KGW’s investigative team, they said when they tripped the alarm, they will try to turn the alarm off and get out of the property as soon as possible.

In such occasion, it would not hurt to install door or window sensors on the main entrances, which could give you peace of mind.


Tip 3: Monitor House with HD Surveillance Cameras


It’s helpful to have smart sensors in place and help trigger alerts when abnormal incidents happen, but solely relying on sensors is clearly not enough for it only works to alert you but not deter intruders or capture them in the act.



Experiences tell us that installing security cameras such as Reolink cameras on vulnerable spots and easy-to-break entrances reduces possible break-in, for example, front door, backyard, garage, side gate, basement stair, basement, etc.


Essentially, your doors, be it as the front door, back door, side gate, or basement entrance could be highly likely to be broke in, placing the security cameras downward to capture their face could help tag face of intruders.


It’s significant to pack your surveillance system with night vision, motion alert, and remote access, you will be grateful for such conveniences as nighttime burglary are still common in urban, suburban or rural areas.


Tips 4: Keep an Eye on Your Kids

Home security cameras not only help keep an eye on the property but also your children when they are playing inside or outside the house.


Never underestimate the importance of indoor surveillance cameras (Reolink C1) especially during Christmas or holiday season many people are busy with the holiday preparation and might be oblivious toward potential security loopholes or safety hazards.


It’s always helpful to have an extra pair of eyes in the house while you are at home or away, especially keeping eyes on your children in or out of the house.




Christmas is deemed to be festive and celebratory as people are indulging themselves in holiday and reunited with family and friends, but don’t forget to be mindful to lurking dangers.

There are other helpful safety tips available to help parents to keep your house and family safe as well.


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