Love Life and Meditation


Meditation is considered the best stress buster by some, while for some others, it is the way to achieve spiritual enlightenment. For yet others, it is a practice that will ensure physical and mental wellness. But meditation is seldom considered as a tool to improve your love life.  Meditation is believed to help a person lead a balanced life. One of the elements of leading a balanced life is to give enough quality time to your family. Regular practice of Meditation will bring about a change in yourself which will in turn bring about changes in people around you. When such positive changes and resultant positive emotions come into play, there is enough scope for building a strong emotional connect and strengthen your ties with family members as well as lovelife with your spouse.

The vital time you spend on meditation

The 30 minutes or even less you spend on meditation of your choice that you practice regularly could well make the difference between an ordinary relationship you maintain with your life partner to a new and positive level which is overflowing with love and mutual respect and understanding. And the changes that happen are also likely to last longer.

Meditation and its positive effects

The changes you can expect by practicing meditation that would have direct and indirect impact on your love life include

  • Learning to love yourself-Your subconscious mind is one you have to turn to understand and get to know you accurately. With this awareness comes the ability to visualize your role in a happy and romantic relationship with your spouse. Meditation helps you to love yourself and thereby sensitizes you to loving others around you. Love-kindness type of meditation would also be an ideal option to learn to love yourself.
  • Improving yourPhysical health– To lead a happy life, physical health is also very important. Meditation is a tool that reduces stress and anxiety, which is considered to be the reason for many physical ailments. This means you fall sick less often and other emotions that can be detrimental in maintaining a relationship such as anger, hatred etc are also under your control.
  • Boosts brain functioning– though it may sound strange, it is believed that 30 minutes spent meditating actually reduces the brain’s sense of loneliness that will keep creeping quite often, especially when you are stressed.
  • Keeps you energized– Energy is essential not only to perform your routine day to day activities. It is equally important to go on a romantic date with your spouse. Building as well as maintaining relationship requires lots of work and being energetic is the key to get you ready to make the best of your romantic date. Deep breathing meditation could be of help as it will pump enough oxygen into your body to keep you active and full of life.
  • Increasing Positivity– You will be able to remain calm and positive even when there is a problem and try to find the solution for the problem and put it to use effectively.
  • Increase empathy- To empathize with others means to feel as others would feel. This is an important feeling as far as love life is considered in order to love and be loved. Metta or Loving-kindness meditation, which is concerned with focusing on loving and caring for people around you will be an apt meditation type.

Get ready to spend thirty minutes a day practicing Meditation which you are comfortable with as it will be an investment of time you make to build a loving and caring long-term relationship with your spouse.