Warming Up The House During Winter


During winter, up to 70% of the electricity cost is because of the heating system in the house. Therefore, using other methods to heat up the house can benefit you in multiple ways, mainly so that the amount you spend on electricity will be significantly reduced. For those worried about the effects on the environment, using other techniques to heat up the house can actually benefit the environment.


One of the easiest ways to retain heat in the house is to make use of curtains. The sun radiates heat on a daily basis. Open the curtains when the sun is out as this can be used to increase the temperature of the house. The best part? It does not cost anything to do this. After the sun is out, don’t forget to draw the curtain or any other cover. This is because the curtain can act as a layer of insulation and help contain the heat indoors. It is generally accepted that a thick curtain is most efficient to execute this.

If the living space has a fire pit, another option is to start a fire and use this to warm up the house. To add to it, wood is quite inexpensive when compared with the cost of electricity so this is a much cheaper and viable option. Of course, you will have to go through the procedure of starting a fire and cleaning out the chimney regularly, but it is a fun and cheap method to try out. This is ideal for houses that have an unused fireplace in the house.

Heat loss is a major problem when it comes to warming up a house. One of the biggest culprits of this is the radiator. Heat is regularly wasted as it passes through the radiator to the surface that it is fixed upon. You might be wondering how to rectify this issue. Well opt for an aluminum foil or two. Paste them behind the radiator and the wall. This prevents heat from being absorbed and lost through the wall. The aluminum foil will ensure that the heat is reflected back indoors rather than leaving through the wall. Pro tip; those who have cluttered spaces near the machine are advised to clean the area as this can help hot air travel in a smooth manner.

Double glazing is another option you can make use of. Put up on windows, they are a great option for cutting down heat loss. The downside is that the installation of double blazing is a costly affair. It might also require you to install new windows or change the mechanism. A cheaper alternative would be to go for films that can give the same effect. However, it is not as effective but it does not do a really bad job. The biggest downside would be that the windows cannot be used when the film is applied.

Spare some time to find any draughts present in your living space and try to eliminate them.