5 Significant Steps to Fix a Leaky Oil Plug Drain

Oil Plug Drain

An oil drain plug is one of the essential aspects of any automobile for its swift execution. A leaky oil drain plug, however, disrupts its performance and this can occur because of a number of issues.

Oil is absolutely vital for the health of the automobile and going for the oil drain plug repair without any delay can help you to save hundreds if not thousands in the bills of repair over time. Here are some of the steps through which you can fix leaky oil drainage plug. Just read on.

  • Step 1 – Decide What is Required – To save on time and money you should first identify the problem prior to beginning any work. It is possible that the plug gasket or washer was not replaced at your last oil change. You should refer to the repair and maintenance manual for determining what gaskets and washers are supposed to be in place.

  • Step 2 –Take Out the Plug –For checking for the missing washers and gaskets it is probably essential that you remove the plug. You should consider this situation like that of oil change. Make sure you keep fresh oil for replacement. Then jack up the car and after ensuring that it is secure you slide underneath. The oil drain plug remains beneath the engine. You can check the manual for specifics again in this case. Once the plug is located you should place the pan below and loosen the bolt with a socket wrench. You should finish the process of removing by hand and during the process stay out of the way of the oil that is going to run out.

  • Step 3 – Check for the Damaged or Missing Parts –Wipe off the hole and the plug with a rag after the oil has finished draining. You should take care to keep track of the plug as you will find it difficult to replacing it with one of the same size, without reference. You should now be able to check for yourself if any of the washers or gaskets are missing damaged. In this case, you should look for bent metal on washers, cracking on numbers and stripped trading on the plug itself.

  • Step 4 –Repair or Replace Needed Part – Replace it once you have identified the damaged or missing piece. If the threading is mostly intact and just the plug looks worn, a new plug of the same size should be sufficient for doing the job. The washers should be placed carefully around the thread of the plug and screwed into the mounting. If the thread on the plug is stripped you should use a slightly large plug for preventing the future leaks. Use the owner’s manual for insuring proper installation of the gaskets.

  • Step 5 Replace the Plug – You must screw the plug back into the mounting. While doing the task you should consider replacing the oil filter. Next you should open the car’s hood and refill the oil that was replaced during the process. Leave the content oil pan under the drain plug throughout the night to be certain that the leak is not there anymore. The best part is that you can get the drain plug repaired and oil changed without any added labour.

The above are some of the ways in which a leaky oil drain plug can be replaced. You can also use the oil drain plug repair kit to get this procedure within an even shorter period and involving much lesser hassle so that you can use your vehicle for many more years without trouble.



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