How the Parkland students brought us back from the brink


we’ve seen a great deal from the understudies at Marjory Stoneman Douglas secondary school in Parkland, Florida over the most recent two weeks, as far back as a previous understudy shot 17 individuals at the school with an AR-15 attack rifle. They’ve done innumerable meetings. They’ve openly abraded Marco Rubio at a CNN town corridor. They’ve composed help for a stroll on Washington, D.C. to push for stricter weapon laws.

They additionally held a vigil.

A week ago at BuzzFeed, Charlie Warzel noticed how brutally the Marjory Stoneman understudies have dunked everywhere throughout the conservative online trolls who are miserably attempting to persuade the world they’re fakes. “The expert Trump media has met its match in the Parkland understudies,” the feature proclaimed. The far-right media driving paranoid fears about the understudies being emergency on-screen characters, or basically trained in their lines — or both — made a basic strategic mistake, Warzel composed. “It picked a political adversary viably conceived onto the web and intrinsically equipped for pursuing a data war.”

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