The charged proprietors of the site have been blamed for blackmail and an assortment of different wrongdoings.

The US-based site requests that anybody needing have their picture evacuated to hand over a generous installment.

It created more than $2m (£1.5m) from individuals quick to get pictures evacuated, said California’s Attorney General.

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“This compensation for-expulsion plot endeavors to benefit off of another person’s embarrassment,” said Attorney General Xavier Becerra in an announcement.

“The individuals who can’t stand to pay into this plan to have their data expelled pay the cost when they search for work, lodging, or endeavor to fabricate associations with others,” he said.

Money laundering

Pictures were just expelled if individuals portrayed on paid expenses, said the announcement, despite the fact that numerous had the charges against them rejected or had been erroneously captured. In excess of 5,700 individuals paid to have their picture expelled from the site.

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“This is misuse, plain and straightforward,” included Mr Becarra. The California Attorney General’s office urged any individual who paid to get their picture “de-distributed” to get in touch with it with more subtle elements.

The four men charged are Thomas Keesee, Kishore Vidya Bhavnanie, David Usdan and Sahar Sarid.

And coercion, the four are accused of money laundering and data fraud. Mr Usdan, Mr Keesee and Mr Bhavnanie are as of now in police guardianship.

In an announcement presented on his own site, Mr Sarid said his inclusion with the site finished in 2013 after he had finished some consultancy work for it.

It isn’t clear what will happen to the site in the wake of its proprietors being captured and charged. The site is still right now working.