Five Things You Should Know about Luxury Trains in India


Travelling is always fun in India and when you plan for a luxurious holiday, then it is a must to pick the luxury train in India which offers a chance to enjoy a fabulous vacation. Enjoy a royal reception and feel the imperial touch with the majestic ambience travelling in the luxury trains.

There are nearly 7 luxury trains in India, Maharajas’ Express, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Palace on Wheels, The Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, Royal Orient Train and Fairy Queen Express which treat people with a lavish gesture and offer a warm experience of travelling. Spend a holiday in one of the popular these luxury trains in India and explore the vibrant culture of the opulent country.

There are a few common things in all the luxury trains and these factors make the train completely unique and the best means of transportation to explore the country with endless attractions.

1. Ambience

The ambience of the train reflects the royal lifestyle and the welcoming of the staff amazes the travelers. Spend time exploring the heritage and culture of the places with a warm hospitality in the trains that are equipped to offer comfort. The environment of the train drives us back to witness the royal life much closely and one can enjoy the sophisticated services in all the luxury trains in India.

2. Dining experience

The luxury trains treat people with imperial reception and even make sure that the travelers gain an opportunity to dine the mouthwatering delicacies. With fully stocked bars, multi cuisine restaurants in the luxury train allow every traveler by tickling the taste buds with the wonderful dishes. One can taste the endless options of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu. The luxurious restaurants with serve multi cuisines and satisfies the appetite of the people travelling to see the grace of the exotic destinations around India.

3. Coaches

 The extraordinary coaches and with mind-blowing facilities make people enjoy the ride at least once in a life time. The beautiful train coaches and the tasteful interior makes the luxury trains extremely unique and the art carvings stand as a compliment to the walls. Travelers can easily earn an overwhelming experience by staying in the private coupes that are finely furnished and decorated. One can easily experience the royal lifestyle during the journey in the luxury trains in India. The comforting aspect is that all the trains have amazing safety features.

4. Facilities

There are innumerable facilities which are exclusively designed for the convenience of the travelers. Starting from the moment you board the train the staff attends all the needs with a great care and comfort with extraordinary services. All the coaches’ cabins are finely decorated with the traditional themes along with a modern touch. The gym, Wi-Fi connectivity, AC, satellite TV and many more make the train completely different and one can enjoy the ambience.

Comfortable beds with attached baths and the finely equipped coaches reflect luxury in every aspect. Apart from the private cabins, there is also a chance to pamper your senses taking a massage in the spa where professionals offer a rejuvenating experience.

5. Safety and Security

In order to enjoy all the above facilities one must stay safe and secured. Security is the major concern of the people who travel. And one can feel extremely safe by boarding the luxury train as the staff takes good care of every particular. Starting from your personal things till your safety the attendees satisfy all the needs and support in spending a stunning vacation.

All the luxury trains offer a golden opportunity to explore the fantastic destinations of the country and one can enjoy the impeccable hospitality along with the lavish comforts offered by the staff on the best trains of India.