In the realm of Computer Numerical Control and manufacturing, there are various ways of cutting materials like steel. It is true that plasma cutting and CNC cutting are popular ways of cutting stainless steel material but they fail to deliver precise results most of the times. When compared to the traditional ways of cutting materials, 3D waterjet cutting is the best alternative to them. Such machines deliver highly pressurized and high powered water stream to give precise cuts. If you want incredibly precise cuts, you can use waterjet cutting machine. If you want zero tolerances and precise craftsmanship, it will be best to choose waterjet cutting technology.

With the 3D waterjet cutting, you get precise results and there is no wastage of expensive metals. You may use the technique to avoid any wastage of material. You may even cut various parts from the singular piece of metal or material. The entire sheet of material may be used to cut different parts. Parts will bear the same thickness. Indeed, this process of cutting benefits a business in several ways.

How 3D Waterjet Cutting Benefits A Business?

It delivers several important aspects to benefit a business like high material yield, greater cost savings, no additional tools required, faster production,  improved and better delivery schedules and many such other benefits. If you want to boost the production, you may utilize pumps with larger capacity and dual cutting head. So, when the production is more with the same amount of material, your overhead will reduce and bottom line will improve. Such benefits or efficiency cannot be overlooked. At times, water jet cutting technology cuts metals in exact sizes or in the needed dimension. Such exactness cannot be attained in any other cutting technique. Hence, if you get precise results, there is no need for any additional operations or secondary operations. This again helps in saving money and time.

Cut Materials Of Great Thicknesses

3D Waterjet cutting can even allow you to cut metals of 6” thickness. Not only this but also the results will be accurate and precise. It will be in the exact dimension as you need. It is a guarantee that material waste will be minimal to almost Zero. You get chance to use metals of 6” thickness which can open a lot of possibilities.

waterjet cutting cnc machine

Cutting 3D Shapes With Waterjet Cutting

Simply by using the stream of water, you can cut both 2D and 3D shapes. Various kinds of waterjet cutting machines are available in the market. You may avail them till axis 5. So, you have the wide range of possibilities as you are able to cut materials as per the need and required specifications. It will surely increase the efficiency and productivity of your business. Your expenses will be lowered while profit will increase greatly. Your business can make use of this latest technology to produce precise measuring high-quality products. No matter how complicated the cutting or difficult the measurement is, the waterjet cutting technique can accomplish it with ease. There will be no waste of expensive material and this is the greatest advantage.

There Is No Heat Production In The Process

When you are using waterjet cutting technology, there is no heat production or any sort of distortion. Whether it is laser cutting, plasma cutting, or flame cutting, they all produce a lot of heat. The materials get heated up in the process of cutting. Too much heat can cause melting, distortion of material. This is the reason why waterjet cutting is so suitable.

With 3D waterjet cutting, you may cut any type of material you want. Materials like thin plastic, textiles, and metals can be cut with precision. In the meanwhile, there is also no production of any hazardous dust or pollutants.