Today we are going to talk about a very hot topic and we have to deal with some care, online pharmacies. For years it has been possible to buy medicines over the Internet and, as a general rule, at much more affordable prices than is possible in a physical pharmacy.

But it is something that we must be very careful about, since our health is at risk.
The first basic rule is that only medicines that do not need a prescription purchased Canada drug online. So if we follow a complex treatment with medicines that should be prescribed regularly by our doctor, we cannot do with them (legally) more than in a physical pharmacy. When buying them anywhere online, we would be committing a crime. So we are going to give you a series of guidelines so that you can buy carefully and not commit any crime.

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How Is The Legislation Right Now?

Right now it is only possible to buy online in our country without committing a crime, medicines for human use that do not require a doctor’s prescription. According to the Association for the Self-care of Health we have 1235 medicines that can be acquired without medical prescription, then these medicines will be those that we can buy online. Any other medication that requires a medical prescription will be incurring a crime whether purchased or sold. Nor can we buy veterinary drugs.

Unfortunately this is theory on paper yet. The autonomous communities have much to say about this aspect and adapt the law to their criteria, so that today you cannot buy medicines of any kind legally and with guarantees.

Many consumers believe they can avoid the possible harms associated with ordering drugs online when buying them from Canada, where the laws governing sales are similar to those in the United States. But our Best Buy Drugs experts recommend not doing it (or ordering them from any other country). This is the reason: Internet pharmacies that claim to be Canadians usually are not.

The Parapharmacy, The Only Legal Option Available For Now

Still, the manufacturers are waiting for everything to be finished and with the advice of the OCU not to buy drugs online anywhere. If it is possible to purchase online to receive in our home, a multitude of products called “Parafarmacias”. As you know, the Par pharmacy is an establishment where medicinal products are sold that are not medicines in themselves. So we have a wide variety that can be acquired without moving from the armchair of our house.