How To Reduce The Chances Of Graffiti Painting?


Complete prohibition of acts of graffiti is not possible but there are several methods by which your property can become a little less appealing to the eyes of the graffiti painters. Here are a few steps which you can practice for keeping your property safe.

    • Keeping property well-lighted: Ensure keeping the properties under the proper light so that people do not dare to sneak into your property and make graffiti painting.

    • Semi-obtrusive vegetation: It is a good method to keep away graffiti painters. Growing semi-obtrusive vegetation along the exteriors and walls of the building makes the area less attractive. These vegetation helps to keep away the risks of graffiti painting because vegetation makes the area hard to access by the vandals.


  • Graffiti Painting is illegal: It is important to remind the leaseholders that the graffiti painting is an illegal task. It becomes an important step as a responsible citizen to contact the police in case anyone is seen ‘tagging’ or making graffiti.

  • Removal of graffiti: It is vital to hire a good graffiti removal company and get the unnecessary graffiti removed. This helps to keep away the chances of graffiti making because graffiti left in a place attracts more painters to come up and make more of them.


How to carry on a safe graffiti removal process with the help of Graffiti Removal Company:

It is important to remove the graffiti from its place properly and quickly. However, the process undertaken should also ensure that the surface does not get destroyed by any means while removal of the paint.

Here are a few steps which can help you to maintain the health of the surface on which the graffiti painting is done.

  • Identification of surface type: It is the initial step which should be undertaken by the graffiti removal company before starting up with the main process. There are various surfaces like a brick; stone; metal utility boxes; wood or glass. Each kind of material involves a different procedure while cleaning. So, identification of the surface type should be the first step.

  • Identification of substance used: The most commonly used substance is spray paint; however, there are many people who use products like markers, stickers, lipstick or shoe polish. It is vital to know the kind of substance used because the determination of the substance type helps to use the correct removal method by Graffiti Removal Company.

The graffiti removal companies first determine the graffiti surface and substance type and then involves the proper and needed removal method. However, while hiring service of a graffiti removal company, make sure that you go through the details and ratings of the company properly.