The Best Embellished Fishnets on Pinterest.


Every time I crave something pretty, I instantly log onto my Pinterest. Some of the most breath taking fashion trends have gained momentum due to it. For any fashion lover, Pinterest is their digitalized version of the holy bible. So when I saw some of my favorite icons sporting gorgeously embellished fishnets, I quickly got on Pinterest to know more. What I found will surprise you (category: pleasant), turns out these fishnet stockings are everything we have been look for.

They are intricate, detail oriented, adorned with the finest handmade florets with hints of a Victorian aura. It’s made for queens. I mean seriously, you need a different level of confidence to pull of these heavenly fishnet stockings. Don’t get me wrong, they are super easy to style and easier to handle, but fishnets have been reduced to seductresses and Halloween buffoons. These embellished fishnets are here to break that monotony. They are soon going to be a part of every wardrobe. Take my advice and get the first mover’s advantage. When it comes to fashion initiators and followers, I like to stay in with the former category.

After being completely bold over with the sheer beauty of these embellished fishnets, I decided to do internet a big favor by compiling a list that includes the best of the best.

  1. Vanilla Sky – Have you ever witnessed the majestic blue sky in its full glory, adorned with heavy clouds yet to be touched by the rays of sun? well the color palette of this masterpiece reminds you of that beauty. Heavenly shades of blue embedded with pearls, gems and rhinestones. It’s the piece that you absolutely need to have.

2. Carnations at Dawn: Florets of caramel, mixed with touch of ivory, a pop of pink and a sprinkle of pearls and stones. Style it with a white crop top and denim shorts or a black maxi dress. A halter neck top and a high slit skirt would also look amazing paired with this piece.

3. Waist floral embellished– have you noticed how celebrities are crazy about showing off the waist band of their fishnets on their perfectly toned midriff? How great would it be if that waist band wasn’t plain elastic? Here’s a piece that has rainbow hued blossoms lined on your elastic waist band. It gives a structured definition to your curves without making it look bland and boring.

4. Sunset Hues– I love pieces that take inspiration from nature. This one is the perfect example of how an artist captures their inspiration to make it eternal. These fishnet stockings showcase the essence of dusk. Sapphire, indigo, arctic, tan, hazel wood, daffodil, butterscotch and a hint of blush, the color palette is do rich it will blow your mind. Rock this fishnet with a plain well fitted pair of shorts and a tank top or a bralette.

5. Moulin Rouge– the name says it all, this piece is for the seductress in you. The flowers in shade of crimson, ash and frost are a perfect match for your sassy self.

Take my word for it, these pieces are breathtakingly beautiful. Get yourself one today!