How Bad Weather and Rain Storms Cause Chimney Leaks

rain storm causing leak in chimney

April Showers Bring Chimney Leaks

When the cold, harsh, winter is over and we’ve finally made it to the warm and comfortable throws of spring, all may seem right in the world. With the new season comes blossoming life everywhere, baby birds fly about, flowers blossom; it is truly a blessing after a long and lonely cold season. Spring may not all be sunshine and daisies though if you’re a homeowner. In fact, while April showers once brought Mayflowers, now they can bring chimney leaks.


If you have a tradition, masonry chimney, the wet season can be your worst nightmare. While many stone chimneys are absolutely gorgeous, they are not always absolutely waterproof and require some additional chimney services. Chimney construction, particularly in old houses, did not often account for rainy weather and will require consistent chimney services.



You may notice that some rainstorms do not cause leakage. This is because, to some extent, bricks absorb moisture. There are a few ways water can get in through the chimney, however. First off, water can come in straight from the top when rain falls at just the right angle. The second way is water leaking in from the chimney crown, which is the cement top of the chimney. Chimney leakage can also be caused by a deterioration of the outside of the chimney as well as improper materials used in the composition of the chimney. When you see leaking, it’s time for a chimney inspection.


Signs That Your Chimney Needs Help

There may be more than just a leak in your living room to let you know it’s time to give your chimney a little love and care. Look for rust in your firebox. Rust will appear as a reaction from rainwater leaking in. Spalding bricks are another clue; water can a cause breakage and damage on the surface of the brick. This is a sure fire sign that your brick needs sealing. If you see any of these symptoms, don’t wait! Call chimney service professionals and get your chimney help before the damage gets worse.


Prevention On How To Chimney Leaks

Although leaky chimneys are inconvenient, they are completely avoidable and fixable. The top way to prevent leaks is to regularly maintain your chimney. It is important to get your chimney swept yearly. It is also important to get your chimney inspected by a professional regularly. Your best option, however, is waterproofing your chimney. The waterproofing process involves covering your chimney with a waterproofing sealant. This sealant will help prevent water while also keeping the porous makeup of the brick and filler. If your chimney already has water damage, a sealant can still help to prevent any further damage from occurring.


Whether your house is brand new, or old and withered, water damage within your chimney can be a serious and inconvenient problem. This is nothing to fear, as many homeowners face this problem each and every year. Consistent chimney maintenance, chimney inspection, and sealant application can help prevent leaking and water damage for years to come and account for poor chimney construction. So this spring, let the April Showers bring May flowers and let water damage become a problem of the past.


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