We all know by now how important quality content for effective affiliate marketing is. While a well written content has some really positive effects on your marketing efforts, video content has increased impact on your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Whether kids or adults, visual content create that added interest among all ages equally. You can understand the difference in your feelings when you read about a beautiful dress in red and when you actually see that dress in red worn by a model. It’s the difference in feeling that matters.

Video content has indeed changed the face of digital marketing forever and it only seems to be in the rising trend. So, let’s see how videos on affiliate marketing products are creating a major impact on marketing.

  • A video added to the landing page of the target website offers an opportunity to increase sales numbers by upto 80%.
  • 50% of the traffic on mobile phones is via video content, which means there’s a huge traffic waiting to be tapped if you have not already started adding videos to your content.
  • Videos seems to have convinced at least 77% of the users to buy a product or service for once.
  • The consumption of video content on YouTube grows by 100% each year.
  • The possibilities of someone performing some action on your website after watching the video content grows by 46%.

While these data indicate a strong reason why video content should be part of your affiliate marketing strategy, video on social media is also creating quite a stir. Video on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube increase your visibility. More importantly, this is soon going to be important in social media strategy and the focus would be to be include them in video marketing.

Industry experts foresee the social media platforms shifting from text-based content to only video content over the next 5 years. While it’s still not confirmed if it would be that big, but it definitely spells out a warning for the biggest participants in the social media game.

How to implement video in your affiliate marketing pans?

You can add video content to your affiliate marketing plans in different ways:

  1. Write a video sales letter to persuade customers with completed product details in easy to understand video format.
  2. Develop a video portal that caters unique video content to your mailing list members.
  3. Write products reviews to demonstrate the quality of product, how usable it is, and the value for money.
  4. Create videos showing unboxing of the product, demonstrating the quality of the product, variances, and your views on the product.
  5. Make use of YouTube videos to target your website visitors again.
  6. Create a video on FAQs to break any hurdles between the consumer and the sales.

Now that we have seen how to use videos to increase the efficacy of your marketing attempts, it’s time we look at the essential tools that you need to create such videos. We have divided them into two categories – beginners and intermediate.

Video kit list for Beginners

  • Camera or a smartphone – We all have a smartphone these days and the cameras on phones like iPhone or Samsung are good enough to shoot an entire video, especially for the beginners. The best part about today’s technology is that you can even live stream it on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. All you need, is to edit properly.
  • Have a goal – it’s important to have a goal before you start shooting the video. AA video without a goal in place would be useless and no one wants that. Make sure that you have an idea about what type of video you want, what’s the core topic and who are the target audience, so that you have a complete footage with relevant content.
  • Have an idea – having an idea is equally important as having a goal for creating a video content. Your idea can generate from anything like a customer looking for a specific product like a new mobile phone and you know that reviewing it can help the customer decide o it, or a query regarding a product’s quality for instance. While the idea related to the affiliate marketing products should be unique, it should be easy to understand.
  • Know where to share – There are umpteen places to share your videos these days so, make sure that you share it on most of the major platforms. You can the seek feedback on your content, or you can create a subscriber email list.

Video Kit List for Intermediate Level

If you have already made a few videos earlier and did not get much visibility, it’s time to take the next big step.

  • Get a DSLR camera and lens – For high-quality video footage that offers an improved appearance and feel, DSLR cameras are the perfect choice. While you can easily get your hands on used models on the online auction sites for as low as $200, you can also invest in a new model if budget allows. It is one of the best purchases you can make as your marketing expenses.
  • A quality microphone – Good quality video is incomplete without good quality audio and so, investing in a quality microphone for clear audio is a must. While people may not notice good quality audio, bad quality audio is easily identified as it spoils the best of video content. There are range of sources available to choose from like Zoom H1 that’s known to record high quality audio without additional external microphones. For editing, you can use software programs like Audacity, GarageBand, etc.
  • Editing Software – For Mac users, there’s no better option than iMovie offering the best editing experience with easy to use and customizing facilities for the captured footage. You can use Windows Movie Maker for Windows, but not for Windows 10.
  • Advanced editing – Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro X are some of the best available programs for advanced editing, audio fixing options, and customization.
  • Devote Time – Make sure that you spend enough time to plan, arrange, shoot, and edit high quality video content. Visually appealing and informative content is what you need for successful affiliate marketing efforts so, hav patience.
  • Practice enough – Practice is important just like any other endeavour in your life. With regular practice you will eventually start creating perfect video content over a period of time.
  • Where to share – YouTube is the best place to share your video content and if it’s of high quality you are sure to gather some visibility. When accompanied with paid advertising you can get even better results. Facebook is another platform that can help you get the much-needed attention along with its video advertising options.

While having these kits can ensure that you create a great quality video, what matters in the end is the content of your video, just like text content. Anyone can shoot a video these days, but what will set you apart is how you channelize your ideas related to the affiliate marketing products with great content. So, create great content, shot a great video and success is not far.