Essential Tips on Preparing Your Permanent Residency Application


Usually, a permanent residence visa is a next step after being granted a resident visa. A lawful permanent resident has officially been granted immigration benefits as well as permission to reside and take an employment in a country. Basically, it takes near about 45 days to process for the new citizens while it takes 49 days to renew.

To get permanent residency application approved, you need to contact the best permanent resident Australia services. And to get your application done, a person needs to stay physically in that particular country at least for two years in a five year period. Let’s have a good read on the content below to discover some tips on how you can prepare your permanent residency application.

How to Prepare PR Application:

  • Mark Out the Eligibilities: There are different immigration programs in different countries. For instance, in Canada, they offer many programs in three categories- family class, economic, refugee and humanitarian. As some programs allow serving in ‘first come first’ basis while some programs are point based. Make sure you did a good research on which program is perfect for you before diving into it.
  • Assemble the Documents: To prepare PR application, it is highly needed to provide all the important documents. In some cases, few documents take about a month to process. Therefore, if someone waits until he/she is formally asked, it may delay matters unaccountably. Apart from that, there is a process of checking your background by the police. The law enforcement agencies of some countries get it done within few weeks or even within a day while some other countries are quite particular with the process and thus takes time, even more than a month. Make sure all the documents are attached to avoid the unnecessary delay.
  • Consider Advises from an Experienced one: Taking advises from an experienced individual is indeed a great idea. Sometimes for a beginner or a first timer, it becomes quite confusing to fill up the form and do everything on their own. And for this reason, there are some experienced immigration consultants who can help you to remove your confusions by answering your questions, explaining the entire process in details and if in case you are okay with it, they can even provide representation on your behalf to the immigration authorities.
  • Check out Multiple times: Always check multiple times before submitting documents. Some documents may get rejected or delayed if the applicant is ineligible. But in most cases, it gets rejected because of the carelessness of the applicant. So make sure you are aware of the instructions, terms, and conditions, confirm an assumption, recheck the document lists and have your concerns addressed by someone who can provide answers.
  • Notice the Expiry Dates: Always keep a track of the expiry dates of your important documents such as passport, bank statements, medical assessments, language test results and police check background and so on. Lack of consciousness can be heavy in this case.

Whether you go for Canada or choose Australia permanent residency process, these are the basic things you need to know about. Although preparing Permanent Residency Application can be time-intensive and a complex process yet the worth of it in every country cannot be denied.


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