A business can be run successfully if you know a thing or two that nobody else does. Rajesh Exports MD Prashant Jasvantrai Mehta knows how important this is. Also, Rajesh Mehta  ̶  the owner of the company  ̶  is amongst the ‘Top 6 jewelers who control gold India’s gold’. The Economic Times conducted this survey, where Rajesh Mehta (Chairman, REL) was ranked as the second most successful gold jeweler in India.

Founded in 1989, the largest gold processor globally, Rajesh Exports Ltd. has a refining capacity of 2,400 ton per year. Owing to this, the company accounts for 35 per cent of the world’s total gold.

Not only this, REL is amongst the top-most gold and gold product companies in the world. Headed by Rajesh Exports MD, Prashant J Mehta, the company has three manufacturing facilities with state-of-the-art machinery in Dubai, Cochin and Bangalore.

Apart from this, the research and development facilities at Bangalore and Balrena give REL an edge. It helps the company come up with new designs using latest technologies. Rajesh Exports also has a portfolio with thousands of designs for its customers.

A major achievement for the company is also the acquisition of the world’s largest gold refinery. Based in Switzerland, Valcambi is a $400-million gold refinery. Along with this, REL has more than 80 retail jewelry showrooms by the name of Shubh Jewelers in Karnataka.

Moreover, Rajesh Mehta, 51, is the second biggest gold player in the Indian market, and his story is no short of the rags to riches aspect. He started working at the age of 16. Taking part in his family business, he took it from being a humble semiprecious and imitation stone business into a full-fledged gold business.

With a mere sum of Rs 1,200, he built a jewelry manufacturing unit in his garage and after a decade, he stepped into the capital market and made Rs 10 crore.

The biggest factor that sets them apart is the ‘real rate per gram’, which makes them unique. The Rajesh Exports MD ensures that the customers do not have to pay any making charges, and therefore, makes REL the most trusted and preferred choice for jewelry amongst local and international buyers.