What Hermetically Sealed Compressors are and how they are constructed


Hermetically Sealed Compressor

Hermetically sealed compressors are used widely for air conditioning and refrigeration purposes. You can easily find them in deep freezers, household refrigerators, split-air, packed-air, and window-air conditioners. These compressors are easy to handle and require little maintenance.

In the hermetically sealed compressors, a welded steel casing is used to enclose both the motor and compressor; a shaft is used to link the two. This makes the motor and whole compressor a single unit that is portable and easy to handle. The traditional and modern compressors are different; the old open type had compressor and motor as separate entities which were then linked by a belt or a coupling.

Various compressor parts such as connecting rods, crankshaft, piston, and cylinder occupy one side of the machine’s enclosed casing. The other side contains electric winding where the motor shaft rotates (you can find the motor in single or multi-speeds.) Rigid steel shell made of two halves of rounded bodies welded together is used to enclose all the parts. Manufacturers construct the casing in such a way that it is simple to open it when a compressor burnout occurs.

The compressors have an inbuilt lubrication system which lubricates cylinder, crankshaft and the piston. The lube also acts as piston and cylinder coolant; cooling suction refrigerant offers additional cooling. The discharge connections and refrigerant suction are connected to the condenser and evaporator respectively: these are external connections.

Types of Hermetically Sealed Compressors

One of the most popular types is the reciprocating compressors – these were the original type of the hermetically sealed compressors. The second and the most popular model is the rotary compressor. It is preferred by most people as it requires less electricity to run, is cheaper, requires less maintenance and produces less noise. Centrifugal hermetically sealed compressors are another common type commonly used in large commercial buildings.

Why you should have these Compressors

There are many reasons why people use these compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration purposes. For instance, the sealed compressors are portable and require less energy to move from one place to the other. You also do not have to dismantle the machine to transport it.

  • They require little maintenance – No belt, pulley or coupling is involved.
  • You will not incur any lubrication costs when you own one – Lubrication is inherent; you will only need to conduct fresh gas charging.
  • It is simple and straightforward to install the compressor – Discharge, electrical, and suction connections are situated externally.
  • The equipment has a long lifespan – Ensure that you purchase the machinery from a trusted firm such as Dorin which have warranties.

Where to Buy the Hermetically Sealed Compressors

A perfect place to purchase the machine is at Dorin. The firm is very active in the air conditioning and refrigeration field since 1932. All the machinery sold by Dorin is efficient, robust and reliable having passed a rigorous test. The quality of goods is guaranteed here; it is the perfect place to make the purchase.

Hermetically sealed compressors are essential in commercial or domestic buildings. Ensure that you purchase the appliance from trusted outlets. When you select such sellers, it will offer many years of service.