On Monday, the American Tech Tech Giant announced that it has got a new artificial intelligence (AA) technology that aims to combat online spreading content involving sexual abuse.

Google said its modern AI technology uses deep sleep network for processing image so that child sexual abuse content (CSAM) can help discover and detect the child online.

The new device based on the deep sleep network will be available for free non-government organizations (NGOs) and other “industry partners”. A new content can be submitted through Safety API service, including other technical companies. Reported.

Google Engineering Leader Nicola Tororovic and Product Manager Abi Chaudhary wrote in the company’s official blog post: “Using the Internet using the Internet using the Internet using the Internet is one of the worst misconceptions.”

Two AA Engineers said that significantly in service providers, NGOs and other tech companies to improve the performance of the new AA technology CSAM and to reduce human exposure to content. But will help.

“Quick identification of new photos means that children face sexual abuse today and more likely to be identified and secure by abusive, he added.”

“We have seen that this system can help a reviewer and can process more than 700% CSAM content in a similar period.”

Many tech companies are ready to find a lot of CSAM content such as useless and abusive comments for the AI, and Google’s announcement is “online through sharing the latest technical developments. The line represents its latest determination to fight CSAM content. ”

Google is helping end online sexual abuse with its online partners, including the UK based charity Internet Watch Foundation, Technical Assessment and other non-governmental organizations, including the Global Global Alliance.