New Delhi: Mobile handset companies, including Samsung, Micromax, OP, Honor and Carbon representing the Mobile Phone Association (TMA), have extended the mandatory device testing timeline on Monday, and it is believed that any quick implementation The coming wall will affect the sale in the season. The effect of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s expensive Mac India program is affected.

In September 2017, Telecommunications Department has set a last time for testing of essential telecommunications equipment on October 1, 2018, which will be done through local approval laboratories and based on their reporting reports, telecommunication engineering Certificate certificates will be issued. Government’s Noodle Agency Center (TEC).

“The basic structure limited, limited test labs, the final portal is not ready, and the absence of a single window for certification forced mobile brands to look for expansion,” said Bhan Kumari, president of the Mobile Phone Association (TMA). Is.”

He also said that the new TEC MTCTE government will influence sales on the next 2018 festivals season and on the manufacturing program (PPP) stage in the formation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for mobile devices. There will also be negative effect.

In a letter to Dot, under the TMA banner, 70 high-end mobile brands have requested the communication ministry to begin the process at least one year at least one year. “He added that there are many issues that will prevent the smooth roll of the Telecom Telephone for the Telecom Engineering Center (TEC) mandatory testing and certification telecom equipment (MTCSE) system.

Handset companies who are opposing movement and want to end Mandy testing, include Samsung, Micromax, Opo, Honor, Carbon, Salonon, One Plus, Flux Technics, Innovos, Taco, ITL, CoolPad, Como and other high Tech is included.

The Commissioner believes there are not enough test laboratories to provide certificates to the equipment against SAR, EMI / EMC, security and other technical requirements.

The TEC portal is not ready for the applicants.
“The most important thing, the absence of approval of a window for certification has forced mobile brands to look for expansion.”

Shakeel Ahmed, Deputy Director of Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC), however, it was said that the project will be cooked for just a few simple devices from October 1, for which the agency initially initiated the necessary requirements In the phase is released.

“The purpose of the government is to implement its plan for testing mandatory telecom equipments from October 1, with which it will be limited to some equipments such as fax machines and modem and to be brought under its origin. The number of products will increase in the stage, Ahmed told ETTelecom.