If you’re one of those people who makes amazing cakes on birthdays and churns out cookies like a machine then it’s time you turned this talent of yours in to a profitable venture. By venture we mean that you need to start, plan and grow a successful bakery that earns you money and feeds your family.

If you combine the following tips along with your bakery skills then you’re good to go.

  • Select the type of bakery you want to open. This should be one of the very first decisions you’ll have to make when you start your planning agenda. To go through with this, you need to keep in mind your talent, the kind of budget you have and your goals- both short term and long term. Make sure you don’t make this decision in an extreme hurry. Starting a shop from scratch should be done after a lot of research. Keep a look out for the latest trends that are dominating the cake industry. However this doesn’t mean that you take all these findings at the face value you apply them. You can add your own twist, your own signature style. Who knows you’ll be the next person with a famous signature dish, the entire city knows about thanks to Instagram. It is very important to do research about the local market to find out how the current national trends affect the demographics of your location. This way you can understand what works and what doesn’t. Take a look at the list below to see which type of store is right for you.
  1. Online store: If you live in a location where people are savvy with their smartphones then you can start selling things online. All you need is an amazing website, a good few pictures of the work you do, a channel through which people can place their orders and you’re good to go. You can send a cake to your relatives first to see how it plays out.


  1. Over the counter store: Small commercial spaces have become big in today’s day and age. Especially for places that want to experiment before they dive deep into the bigger space scenario. This store can be run by one employee and you can bake your own goods.
  2. The speciality service store: If you want to specialize in only one kind of baked product then a specialty service store is a good option. You can rent a place or it can be from your own home, the choice is yours.
  3. Sit down and eat: A lot of people are trying to capitalize on a growing trend that involves sitting and dining in a bakery. At these places you get freshly baked cakes right in front of you and you also get the option to enjoy it. You can start a delivery option side by side and can send cake online.


  • Get a business plan made: Once you understand what kind of bakery you need, you can move forward and create a business plan. This will help you to look at your business from different angles, the ways you can generate revenues, things your customers will like and the kind of competition you have around you.