Apple’s new iPhone XS and XS Max sold a low price with several major retailers across the country that for the first time they sold for the first time for the first time, after the first week’s sales, at least half of their supply Are there.

This is a controversial controversy over the previous years when prices of goods with Indian buyers will get out of the stores to capture the maximum number of new demand. Apple imported one million units of new iPhones, to ensure higher sales speeds for more and more markets and expansion of access to more markets.

ET spoke to four major Malbrand Retail Chains and three Apple Premium Realellers (April) chains across the country, with more than 1,500 shops. Senior executives in these chains said that stock was not 40-45% stored by Sunday night.

The demand was better compared to last year’s iPhone 8, whichever response was answered in India, the first three days of the sale of iPhone XS and XS Max was 55-60% compared to iPhone X last year.

He said that in the demand of more than half of the demand, the gold ring of iPhone SSS Max 256 Pocket Model is Rs 1,24,900. The Apple iPhone X and XS Max launched a Rs 99,900 rupee of Rs 99,900 last Friday, the iPhone X launch price last year was 1.02 million from 89,000.

CEO in Brian Bade, India’s largest consumer electronics retail channel release said that retail promotion is still with the stock of new iPhone phones. However, he said that some of the least customers might have failed to finish it before the extraordinary period to collect the models.

“The sale of new iphone in the first weekend was more than last year’s iPhone 8, it’s still less than the iPhone X. It’s a super-premium smartphone and it takes some time to sell in India. Will. ” He expects the sale of a Nigerian state to start October 1 in October.

MD Sabha Chandra, who operates 540 stores in Bangladesh-based Sanjittha mobile phones, said that the same store for the last iphone has not increased in the same year and there is still stock remaining. “However, in absolute terms, we sell the maximum units of new iPhone phones due to the availability of the last stock, and since we have also increased the number of shops by 175 shops.”

Analysts said that in December in December in December the iPhone’s delivery can be increased this year, based on larger models during the last year when new launches will run.

Tarun Pathak, director of the Hong Kong-based Counter-Point Research Association, said that the demand for new iPhones could spread between Apple’s earlier start compared to the festival season. “It’s said,” Apple said, still difficult to find new iPhone phones outside Apple’s shared users. ” Apple India did not respond to an email request.