Contaminants found in water and the role of water purifiers-


Water is a natural source has been misused by many of the factors like environmental degradation, pollution, contaminants, etc making it unfit to drink water directly. This cause of lowering the water quality has made it essential to have some machines or purifying system, making it suitable for consumption.

With this need, the role and requirement of efficient water purifier come in which sometimes make it difficult to get the best water RO installed due to many brands and types (technology) operating in the market.

Safe, clean and healthy water is the prime concern of people as they are much aware of the health issues that might be faced if no action is taken. Thus, water purifiers have become a necessity rather than a luxury. Contact some aquaguard customer care no Pune to get the best rates of water purifiers.


Need for water purifiers for both domestic and commercial purposes- The traditional method so used i.e. boiling water reduced the harmful contaminants to only a certain extent but didn’t meet the entire water purity needs. Many renowned brands of water filters like Kent, aquaguard, Livpure, Nasaka, etc are operating in the market with different purifying technology. But which will fulfil our need depends upon the TDS levels of water that is coming in the area. Thus, a combination of technology makes us get rid of the water chemicals and make safe water for consumption. But do we ever know what components and chemicals make water unhealthy-

  • Chlorine- The water that we receive through pipes is disinfected with chlorine. Though the chlorine content removes the microorganism, it poses a number of health issues like problem in gall bladder, cancer, etc. Thus, water purifier does it job removing chlorine content from the water.
  • Fluoride- The tap water also contains fluoride in it. This chemical is also bad on health if not treated. This may result in many health diseases like- thyroid, gum diseases, some problems in the bone, etc. Water purifiers also remove all fluoride content from the water making it fit for drinking.
  • Arsenic or lead- The groundwater has in it arsenic and when the water passes the old pipes it also contains lead. Both these chemicals are harmful for health. They may cause night blindness, heart diseases, and even diabetes.
  • Pesticides- Apart from the above discussed chemicals, the water may also have in it some traces of pesticides which are added to them due to their presence in the ground. Thus, water purifiers remove all such impurities from water making it fit to use.

The food we eat and the water we drink helps us to stay healthy. The right water purifier with the right technology removes all such contamination from water. By simply calling the kent customer helpline number Pune or visiting their office will clarify all the questions. They have many combinations of technology for purifying water which even varies from domestic to commercial use. Getting RO water filter installed will ease many of the health problems, keeping your family away from illness.