Though there are a number of remedies for taking care of a shingles patient, it is important to control your food habits as well. The medicines that have been prescribed by your doctors will only work properly when you maintain a balanced diet. There are a few foods which should be avoided at any cost as they can worsen the symptoms and there are a few others that can help to boost your healing process.

Given below is a list of the foods that you should consider if you want to get healthy soon.

Vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are capable of providing the body with a number of micronutrients, which work on the immune system, and makes it strong, thereby allowing your body to fight the symptoms that are associated with the condition. Few of the fruits and vegetables contain a huge content of Vitamin B6, which is particularly helpful for fighting against shingles. You can eat bananas on a regular basis as they contain a great content of vitamin B.


Garlic has medicinal properties, which is capable of relieving the excruciating pain that is related to the blisters and rashes on the body. It is considered to be one of the best natural remedies that have both anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. You can crush three to four cloves of garlic and take them with water every morning right after you wake up. Another thing that you can do is put garlic paste on the blisters in order to provide relief.

Your doctor might suggest getting the ELISA test done quite often to check your condition. You can purchase your own ELISA kit, from, along with other laboratory kits, if necessary.

Eating fishes and fowl

You should eat fish in order to give necessary amino acids to the body. Lysine is an amino acid, which helps a shingles patient to a great extent. This amino acid is not produced in the body and hence you need to give the proper food that is capable of producing it. You can consume red meat twice in a week as it contains a huge content of lysine.


Though most people do not have any idea about it, seaweed is the best way of treating shingles. Seaweed helps in calming down the irritation that is related to the rashes and the blisters on the body. It helps in relieving the pain and studies have also proved that, if seaweed is not consumed on a regular basis, the pain can keep coming back. Seaweed is available at the grocery stores and it is highly important that you eat seaweed regularly by preparing a salad.


Since you are already taking so many medicines on a regular basis to become healthy soon, it is extremely important that you provide a lot of water to your body. Drinking a lot of water helps in preventing you from dehydration and plays an important role in keeping your immune system strong.


Only medicines are not going to work on your body if you are not giving the proper food and water on a regular basis. Follow the above-mentioned diet tips and you will become healthy in no time.