Almost all the businesses are aware that social media is undoubtedly one of the most popular ways in which they can engage with both their present as well as target audiences. Almost 92% of the owners of small businesses use social media and consider it to be extremely important for their brands. If you are wondering why, the first reason is that it helps in building brand recognition, fosters a community around the business, and helps you to grow. However, only communicating with your customers is not going to help in increasing sales. You have to use your social media accounts for driving traffic to your business website.

To do so, you can keep the following tips in mind.

Fill your profile completely

When a potential customer visits your account for the very first time, the first thing that they set eyes on is the profile. It does not matter if it is the about section on Facebook, the company page on LinkedIn, or your Twitter or Instagram bio, your social media profile is responsible for showing information to the visitors regarding your business. This is the best and ideal spot where you can tell your potential customers about the business that you own. You can also insert the link of your business website here. If they are interested in your social media profile, they will definitely click on the link and visit your website as well. If you want to get Instagram likes on your picture, you can visit the website of stormlikes.

Promote the blog contents

Only writing unique and crisp content for your business blog is not going to help. You have to promote the content so that other people can also read it. There is no point in creating content if you see that nobody is reading it. This can be fixed when you are promoting the posts on your social media accounts. Ensure that the blog contents are related to what your business is offering and you can also provide your website link, which will help in driving traffic to your website.

Ensure that your content can be shared easily

When you see that people are not only reading your blog but they are also sharing it with their coworkers or friends, you are going to be the happiest! When your present customers share your content with other people, they are actually promoting your business as well. If any unknown person comes across your blog, likes it, and visits your website, it is going to be great for you.

Post when the audience is active

There is no point in posting when your followers are not active. Try to find out when your audiences are active and post accordingly. This will help them to remain engaged with your profile and they will also visit your website. They might even end up making a purchase.


Gaining website traffic is not easy but if you follow the tips that have been mentioned above, it is going to become a cakewalk for you.