One of the obvious ways to get traffic to your website, when you know how to use the resources the proper way is social media. If you are new to social media usage, and you are just learningthe power of the platforms, then you still have a long way to go. But then again, understanding and using social media is really easy, and you need no special degree for that. All you have to do is devote quality time each day to use the several social media platforms, and stay active there with useful content on behalf of your website or product. That is how social media platforms will show you their power in sending real users as traffic to your site.

The effect of social media sharing on human minds

The most effective among the social media sites are Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and also LinkedIn is a good one. But some sites come with more advantage than others. One such site steeply rising the ladder of popularity is Instagram. Instagram is getting more popular for some obvious reasons. Instagram deals with mainly posting of photos, images, and pictures.

Textual content takes time of the reader, and need the attention of the reader to a huge extent. But image files do not require that much time and careful attention from the visitors. It takes just one glance at an image file to understand what’s in the picture; if there is any event, story, happening or any message. And that is why pictures speak much faster and effective than text or sound files. And this is the reason picture contents have more effect on the human senses. Hence, it’s obvious why sites like Pinterest and Instagram slowly got more popularity in social media sharing. And then again Instagram got steps ahead of others for its robust features and smart filtering and tagging techniques.

How images stimulate senses more?

SEO and marketing are done to impress the readers and visitors visually, as well as affect the search algorithm of search engines too.In the case of social media marketing much of the stress is on the visual impact, and on making contact with users. And Instagram rules in this because through it you always stimulate the senses of the users visually, and thereby make them follow you, subscribe to your newsletter, etc, and this way you get the traffic to your website. That is why Instagram leads the social media sharing in interesting ways. Images you share in twitter or Facebook will soon be lost in the crowd of so many other posts on the timeline. But in Instagram, the photos stay, and tell their story, and catch the attention of the viewers. Hence Instagram works a few more steps ahead in fetching traffic to the website by bringing more attention to the images you post.

More traffic with Instagram

Traffic to the website can be increased in several ways if you use Instagram. It has been seen that posts on Instagram get 60 times more views than the same post on Facebook, and also almost 120 times more views than the post on twitter. This tells how good the platform is to grab attention, get traffic, and get visitors who are genuinely interested in your website and product.

Using the profile Bio

Instagram has a profile section where you get a bio section too. In this bio section, you can put the URL of your website. The bio section is not visited often by visitors. Then how do you make people visit this place and click on the link? Well, it’s easy. You need to advertise. This can be done by images only. If you post a banner or poster in the account, telling about a discount, or offer, or some coupon code, which can be highly lucrative and for those who click on the web link on bio to reach your site to avail the offer, then your purpose is fulfilled, and you also get Instagram followers this way.

Lead generation through Instagram

You may also generate leads through the same platform. If you have a landing page with a subscriber form, then you may put that link on the bio section. And then with the aid of offers, you will have to make people click on that link to get some leads. This way you may get a nice list of users who are interested in your website or product, and then you may send themnewsletters, marketing emails, etc, and also send personalized coupon codes straight to the email.

YouTube subscribers through Instagram

You can create a channel on YouTube to upload videos for branding your website and marketing your products. And then you may use small 1 minute clips of the videos to post on Instagram too. Users will get links to continue watching them on YouTube and also keep in mind that the videos must be interactive, engaging, and captivating enough to make users click on them to get to YouTube too. Many of the impressed viewers will become your YouTube channel subscribers, and many will come to your website. This way, you may generate traffic both for your YouTube channel, your website and also for your video blog.

Finally- Cross-media sharing through Instagram

Your other social media accounts can be connected to your Instagram account. This helps in cross sharing across the platforms. If you share an image in Instagram, and you click on the buttons to share it on twitter and Facebook too, then the same post will get posted there too, without you having to visit those sites individually for the job. This saves time, and tells your Facebook and twitter fans too that you have been recently active on Instagram, and also makes you active everywhere.

Author Bio:

Daniel Mattei is a social media expert dealing with Instagram posting and the use of tags in the most effective ways on the platform. His constant endeavor in finding ways to bring traffic through Instagram to the website and increase Instagram followers shows well in his writings.