Since the industrial revolution, technology has changed society’s society. Because of innovation in semiconductor electronics, software and computer technology, the speed of technical development has increased rapidly in the past 50 years.

Personal computer is currently fit in your pocket. You access the people and information around the world through the Internet. Anything up to the size of a small building can be printed. About everything – your home from your home is intelligent.

Yet, every jump in technology is concerned with its potential use or misuse. Most recently, traditional security scanners belong to the use of synthetic intelligence to make incredible capable 3D print guns, smart weapons and non-invasive hacking bits.

Unfortunately, much like news, when people are concerned about potentially negative applications or misuse technology, which already misuse.

Innovation is a catalyst for future innovation. As a result, innovation by a person or organization promotes and encourages innovation by others.

Consider the initial innovation in 3D printing, using plastic, actively innovating in printing using material, ranging from ceramics to glass and glass. Similarly, 3D printing innovated in hiding the cars, buildings and yes, guns.

This process was so sharp that 3D printed weapons was available before encountering recent concerns about the release of such weapons plans. This topic is becoming the focus of government institutions and institutions. The fact is, the rules have not identified technology development, nor are they likely to stop it.

Additionally, many innovations are the result of research for abusive purposes – or as we want to call them. I have been in the Tech-Tech industry for more than 30 years and spent a long time working around military and aerospace applications. Most people do not realize that many innovations in our lives are the direct result of military and airspace applications and other government financial investigations.

Automotive vehicles have become the center of public research through wireless communication presentations on the internet. In the US, funds come from a variety of resources, including the Defense Advanced Project Project (DARPA), Energy Sector, Defense Department, NASA and many other organizations.

Consequently, before it is aware of society or concerns about it, a new technology is often developed and implemented in many types of applications. Official applications often include weapons

Note that this pattern is not limited to electronics. This is the same for energy, chemical, biological and other types of technology. In addition, development in a form of technology often promotes growth in other technologies.

The AI ​​is rapidly developing rapidly in other technologies by enabling the ability to build models and simplifications, and is faster and processable than humans. As a result, the technology is so fast growing that all possible results, most likely to look so far applications are impossible.

This can be a reason that the entertainment industry often shows future in the future. This reflects our collective fear of these unusual results.

So far, technology only affects every aspect of our lives. Technology is also a major driver in economic growth and wealth generation. Technology companies are being developed in global stock markets, and their technology in their development makes investors powerful in markets and markets.

Therefore, despite the adverse effects of technology, the world has to benefit from the ongoing development.

Although many believe that some technologies should have some restrictions or controls, the fact that regulators are not often intentionally about technology, and Bureauchc has not had a major impact on its rapid growth.

Looking at the impact of technology on the economy and society, it is not clear that regulators should interfere with the technological innovation.

The notification garage tankers come from everything to multi-billion dollar organizations. Where are we, if regulators are trying to control the foundations of Apple and Microsoft, or existing technical leaders like Amazon and Google?

The technical innovation rate is increasing, and the concern over the use of technology often eliminates innovation. Consequently, many people have a strong faith in technology.