Amazon is one of the biggest platforms in the marketplace and boasts millions of sellers and exponentially increasing customers. It will be a huge loss if you are missing selling on Amazon and if you are selling then you should step forward wisely.

Check out 5 biggest challenges & mistakes when selling on Amazon:

Incorrect Product Data

Amazon’s marketplace is undoubtedly very competitive and this makes sellers go 100% accurate in selling online products. They cannot risk uploading flawed descriptions, images or specifications. Not just incorrect but incompleteness can also kill the product selling and lead to loss of reputation in the marketplace.

In general, sellers hire Amazon product listing services who store correct data in an ERP or Point of Sale system which help you list your products on Amazon as per their standards.

Unavailable Stock

An available and filled inventory level is the most important key to success. Buyers need to know the quantity of stock and availability for purchasing. Managing your account and keeping a hawk eye on your stock level is very important for a smooth selling process. Overselling and the inability of shipment may lead to suspension of account from Amazon.

Costly or Late Fulfillment

Amazon offers a vast platform to various types of sellers. If you don’t have attractive offers, low cost, and attractive shipping times, your company cannot compete on Amazon.
For Prime members, Amazon offers 2-day free shipping service which makes Amazon number one among other competitive eCommerce sites. Merchants who can’t deliver their package on time or offer the best cost would earn a bad reputation and lead to permanent suspension.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is Amazon’s program in which third-party sellers can ship their items by Amazon. This gains utter trust from the customers.