It is important to select the right type of rug material for you as there is a number of materials available on the market. It is also important to consider how space will be used and many other factors.

As you may know that modern rugs connect you to your space and they also help in completing your room. Rugs are not just a piece of carpet, it is a piece of art that you can use to display it in your room.

However, buying a rug can be a tough decision especially when there are a lot of options available in the market. You can get rugs in different sizes, design, materials, and shapes.

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are not only soft but provide warmth to your room as well. Some collection of wool rugs designs features modern neutrals, traditional designs, artistic graphics, and much more. Moreover, wool rugs are easy to maintain. Wool rugs are also stained resistant because of the natural oils that prevent dirt from adhering the yarn.

Construction and Care

Hand Knotted

In this technique, a yarn is wrapped and then knotted around each wrap thread. After that, each piece of yarn is hand-cut and hand-tamped to form tightly constructed knotted carpet rugs. These rugs are then checked by experts to ensure lasting values and presence.


In hand tufted technique, a tufting tool is used where a skilled craftsman passes yarn through a frame-stretched fabric backing on which a pattern is drawn on.

In this process, both cut and looped piles are achieved. After that, the tufted pile rug is backed with latex for more stability and then with a piece of fabric for a finished look.

Hand Loomed

In this technique, a huge variety of looks and textured rugs can be produced using the loom. A combo of colours and yarn thickness is intricately handwoven to create contemporary or traditional designs. Each rug is hand finished by skilled artisans in each step of construction.


Machine loomed is an efficient way to shape a variety of textures. These type of rugs are usually synthetic or fibre which includes cut pile weaves, rib patterns and boucle weaves.

In order to care for your rug, vacuum it regularly. If someone spills a cup of juice, blot it immediately with a clean, absorbent white cloth. Also, avoid using cleaning solutions or scrubbing to keep the rug’s texture intact.

You can also use products designed especially for wool or dry extraction powders. Moreover, you can get it cleaned periodically by professionals in order to restore their original appearance.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Natural fibre rugs bring in an organic look and their neutral texture blends with any setting of your home. Natural fibre rugs add a casual look to classic to your living or family rooms. These rugs are woven by expert craftsmen to ensure that it lasts longer.

Construction and Care

Unlike designer rugs, natural fibre rugs are handwoven or loomed from a variety of natural plants and grasses like jute and sisal. Some rugs are even backed with latex for extra stability and to extend the life of the rug. Alike other rugs, vacuum it regularly and immediately blot any spills with a clean and absorbent paper. Natural fibre rugs should be used for indoor use only as it can expand and shrink with the change in humidity.

Hair-on-Hide Rugs

Hair-on-hide rugs offer an organic and contemporary look with natural texture. This type of rug showcases a sophisticated colour palette that can fit various home aesthetics.

Construction and Care

Each rug is created using cutting edge technology. Hair-on-hide rugs are construction from cowhide to create an eye-catching pattern. Individual pieces are stitched together then glued to a cotton latex backing and finally stitched on all four sides. In order to vacuum your rug, set the vacuum on the lowest pile setting and carefully glide over it.