Most moms have a really torrid time managing the home and, in many cases, their workplaces. If they have young kids, the stress levels can really zoom. Most of them seem clueless about how to handle it even as they know that stress reduces productivity and leads to various mental afflictions. Some tips that may help you to get better control over your life and reduce stress significantly:

Rise Early

Moms who know that they are going to be really run off their feet once they get up in the morning should ideally rise half an hour before the children and indulge in some light exercises like yoga and a few minutes of meditation. Clear your thoughts, decide on the course of the day, and hydrate yourself.

An article on stress management says that not touching your phone or computer during the first hour of the day can be helpful in controlling stress.

Unplug the Sources of Noise

Thanks to a large number of devices and gadgets, the average American home tends to be a very noisy place. Reduce the stress brought in by switching off or turning the volume control down of blaring television sets, CD players, telephones, radios, digital voice assistants, and more.

While experts have not found any direct link of noise with Parasomnia, it is still recommended that the bedroom be as quiet as possible.

Blogging Is a Perfect Fit for Moms who Stay at Home

First and foremost, the flexibility that comes with blogging and running your own website is an extremely good fit for stay at home moms and their hectic schedules. Stay at home moms are pulled in a million different directions throughout the day, and sometimes all at once! This means that maintaining a job, even one with working from home flexibility, can be tough thanks to the difficulty with sticking to a rigid schedule.

Blogging solves all of these scheduling issues. You can blog from anywhere in the world at any time. Even the everyday maintenance that comes with a blog is rarely urgent. While I always encourage my readers to stay active with their blog and produce as much quality content as they possibly can with consistent updates, as a blogger there is nothing wrong with taking a day off every once in a while as needed.

Another big benefit of blogging is that you can blog on just about anything. For example, you can be a health blogger and talk about how to live healthily and lose weight. You can also be a personal finance blogger and talk about topics like making money, saving money, being a stay at home mom who side hustles or talks about buying and selling things for a profit. A great example of that type of blog post is this one about websites like Craigslist.

Make A Deal with Tiredness

It is quite natural that at the end of the day, you will be dead tired but feel compelled to enter the kitchen to rustle up dinner even if that is the last thing that you want to do. You can stop the feelings of guilt from plaguing you if you set a new goal that is smaller and more achievable; instead of cooking a full-fledged meal, just go ahead and make a salad and soup combo.

Live the Moment

Most of the stress that we experience is because our minds are constantly focused on certain events in the future and their consequences. As a result, it becomes impossible to enjoy the present.

According to experts on stress management, the best way of avoiding stress is to live in the moment that you are in presently. For busy moms, comparing notes with other parents about how stressed you are trying to keep up is best avoided.

Be Flexible and Adapt To the Situation

Most of us think that the best way of avoiding stress is to make schedules for as much of our daily lives as possible and ensure that our days go like clockwork.

However, things may not always happen as planned so instead of fretting and fuming it can be useful if you are flexible and manage to adapt to the situation quickly. You can not only get more things done but also keep your blood pressure down.


The best way of managing stress for busy moms is to recognize that you cannot make things better just by worrying. It is important that you learn to appreciate the different perspectives of life, let your hair down, laugh a little, enjoy being one with nature, and just learn to let go.

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