You might be amazed to know that on an average we spend about a third of our lives on the bed and the associated bedding including the pillows and mattresses. It is also true that we practice the good habit of changing the pillow covers and sheets regularly, but we never spare much thought about the mattress.

It is essential to understand that the mattress isn’t immortal and it has a life span like all the other fixtures and items at your property. According to most of the manufacturer’s instruction, you should ideally be changing your mattress every 6-7 years.

Choosing a mattress isn’t rocket science. You can spend a few minutes on the mattress in a horizontal position to know whether the “medium-firm” variety works for you. If not there are plenty of other choices to go for. But before that, you need to identify whether or not the mattress at your place needs replacement. Well, if you are in the dark about the importance of mattresses and the associated troubles that you might face with an old and worn out one, you are at the right place.

Let’s have a look!

When to replace your mattress?

  • If you are experiencing a pest problem

Are you aware that your mattress can be the ideal breeding ground for various dust mites and bugs? Since this is one of the more common problems, it is essential that you identify if you are facing it and take the remedial actions as soon as possible. The dust mites feed on the dead skin cells found in abundance on the mattress, and this causes rashes and itchy irritable skin syndrome. Hot water treatment is only a temporary solution. However, for a more permanent solution, you can go for the anti-allergic varieties that are popular right now.

  • If you are experiencing body aches

Are you waking up with sore and painful joints in the morning? Be very aware of this, as non-action from your part will lead to the development of the problem into serious trouble in the future. These body aches and pains usually go away as the day progresses. That is the reason most of us don’t think of this problem as a serious one. A mattress has innerspring mechanisms or foam inside it and with wear and tear these might get deformed leading to joint aches and pains. Replace your mattress as soon as possible to stop the joint pains and aches.

  • Are you experiencing hygiene problems?

Mattresses get deformed and damaged according to the lifestyle of the person. We all have a favorite corner of the bed where we do most of our work. In addition to that sweat and other bodily secretion can seep into the mattress leading to foul odor which a sign of bacterial and fungal growth. To avoid such problems, you now have the option to go for water-proof mattresses.

If you are experiencing any or all of the above-mentioned problems, it is essential that you identify the symptoms and take the necessary steps before it develops into a bigger problem. Shop around for a new mattress today!