Seizure technically termed as an epileptic seizure is a sudden surge of complex chemical changes that occur in nerve cells. Brain nerve cells either excite or stop other brain cells from performing. In their normal conditions, these cells perform in a balanced manner sending or stopping messages. During a seizure, an imbalanced performance occurs causing too much or too fewer activities surging electrical activity in the brain. These uncontrolled electrical impulses are transmitted to other parts of the body causing convulsions or twitches. Seizures can cause from anything that affects the body and can also disturb the brain. It can be anything like brain injury, electrical shock, fever, stroke, choking or alcohol withdrawal.

Symptoms of an extreme seizure include violent shaking and a loss of control. Diagnosing them and immediate treatment is very important, as a severe seizure can lead to coma or death. By properly treating the cause of seizures, it can be completely cured or prevent future seizures.

CBD oil for seizures is one of the best medications available. Compared to other drugs used to treat seizure using CBD has a better side-effect profile. CBD – Cannabidiol, and THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol are two cousin cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. THC has psychoactive properties responsible for people feeling “high”. Whereas CBD is not psychoactive and is found responsible for many medical benefits like anxiety, epileptic seizures, inflammation or sleeplessness.

The legal limit of THC in cannabis products is 0.3%. THC may have an antiepileptic effect, but it can also trigger seizures.  CBD can be considered for those who don’t respond to conventional antiepileptic medications.  Results from human clinical trials have proved that it works great in the case of two specific epilepsies Dravet syndrome and Lennox Gastaut Syndrome.  With the introduction of CBD oil, these rare diseases with no cure can be treated now.  It provides relief without any intoxicating effects. A low dose of CBD oil eases reduction is seizures.

A daily dose of 10mg medicinal grade CBD works great compared to patients on a dose of 20mg.

Doctors say, generally two-thirds of patients respond to the first or second medication given to them for seizures. But if two different medicines don’t work then there is less than 1 percent chance for the third medication to work. Then there is no other option left other than special diets (Ketogenic diet), surgeries, device implants or CBD oil. Despite device implanted in the chest that sends electrical impulses to the brain to reduce the occurrence of seizures or taking a barrel of medications, CBD oil is the best to opt for.

How to get the prescription for CBD oil?

CBD oil can be prescribed by a specialist only. A general physician cannot prescribe the medication but he can refer you to a specialist. Even a specialist will prescribe medical cannabis only when all other treatment options have been tried and failed.

The biggest hurdle is not the prescription because many companies like Savage CBD are selling clinically tested CBD in the market. Price can be the hurdle as CBD products are not cheap. If any company is selling cheap CBDs then make sure you are not compromising the quality.

You must graduate yourself about the facts you need to consider while buying pure CBD.

It is always a wise decision to follow your doctor’s instructions before taking cannabis supplements to prevent seizure.