The centennial temples of this southern Indian village celebrate the anniversary of the Vijayanagar Empire with a festival of elephants and folklore brimming with color and life.

Each year is celebrated in November, invariably between 3 to 5 day, but on this occasion the Hampi Utsav or Hampi Festival has been 2018 to be announced of the accession to the throne of Sri Krishnadevaraya, the king more splendid than ever had the kingdom Vijayanagar that, between 1336 and 1565, lit the last great empire that saw India until the arrival of the British.

Hampi, today a modest village in the southern state of Karnataka, was the epicenter of this powerful alliance of Indian peoples with their organization camp managed to halt the advance of the Muslims; by then owners and lords of almost all the north of the subcontinent. The Vijayanagar also hailed the literature and the arts, and became extremely wealthy with the trade of fabrics, precious stones, the spices and the thousand and one goods that their princes and rulers were brought from the ports of the Indian Ocean, and even China.

In such opulence, about 15 kilometers of the village are scattered throughout the ruins of hundreds of temples that UNESCO had to recognize more than twenty years as Patrimony of the Humanity. And it is in some of the best shrines that have arrived to our days where many of the celebrations of the festival, which attracts every year thousands of visitors and pilgrims from all over the south of the country.

On this occasion, their ‘days’ with dance, theater, music, puppets, fireworks, crafts, horse soldiers in his suit imperial elephant processions or pompously decked out in that conspire to recreate the grandeur of the Vijayanagar empire in an extravagant staging that overflows from hustle and bustle of life is dusty and monumental area of distribution on the banks of the river Tungabhadra.

Visitors come to be so that the guest-house which host during the year to the thousands of foreigners who come to Hampi does not give to accommodate them all. So, at night, thousands of families to complete are installed for literally a few days in the interior of the main temples, providing a show almost more amazing than that during the day have given their unconditional the renowned artists who each year are in addition to the celebrations of the festival.

About the Hampi

Hampi is located approximately 350 kilometers from Bangalore, the capital of the state of Karnataka in South India, and is a relatively easy to combine with the more frequented beaches of Goa. During the festival it will be convenient to book in advance in one of the many guest-houses which almost book and very rush visitors of Hampi, or in the handful of hotels of a certain category in the vicinity, such as the Hampi Boulders Resort.

More information the festival and booking visit official of Tourism of India or the State of Karnataka, Hampi and in Festivals of India.