Located in South Carolina, Charleston offers a blend of architectural delights along with warm and welcoming locals. There are quite a few advantages of moving to this city dotted with stunning beaches on its coastlines.

Interested to see what these advantages are? Then read on:

  1. Mild Weather

Are you tired of the frosty and bleak winter climate of the north? Then consider the milder winters prevalent in Charleston. Since it is located down south, the winters are mild and pleasant. The temperature seldom goes below freezing point in the winters. Even the summers remain perfectly balanced and rarely go above the low 90s degrees.

  1. Wide options in beaches

The long coastlines of the city mean that there are many beaches in and around the city. The top three names that immediately come to the mind are the Sullivan’s Island, Folly Beach, and Isle of Palms. These offer a range of options to visit with the entire family for a great evening. Right from sand sports to enjoying the tranquility of the calm oceans, there are a lot of things to be done on the beaches.

  1. Sports options

Did you know that one of the things to do in Kiawah Island is to play golf? Yes, the island has as many as five golf courses to improve your golf handicap. The vast expanse of greenery all across provides a soothing presence to the eyes. For baseball lovers, the Charleston River dogs are a minor-league team to follow.

  1. Culinary choices

If you are planning to move to Charleston, there is a lot more than just the things to do in Kiawah Island. You can also explore the culinary delights nearby. Some worthy names in fine dining include Middleton Place Restaurant, Charleston Crab House, and the Charleston Grill. They offer a range of food options – from seafood and burgers to wood-fired pizza and pasta.

  1. Better finances

With low tax liability, Charleston residents enjoy better finances than people from the other states due to the low tax liability. Here, the average tax paid by the resident’s hovers around the $3,000 mark.  This is primarily due to the low property tax (@0.57%) and a reasonable gas tax of around 16.8 cents.

To conclude

These were some of the essential advantages of moving to Charleston SC. If you need to explore vacation rentals before making the decision, you can contact ESPM Vacation Rentals.