Ever since the infamous Nirbhaya case was unearthed in the vicinity of New Delhi, a common notion regarding “all men are the same” surfaced across every part of the globe. They were getting targeted for every intentional and unintentional offense without really having any actual role in the same act. This was something which made every men getting into a state of inferiority whilst getting victimized in most of the Sexual Harassment cases.

Quite recently, famous actor and singer Karan oberoi was been put behind bars after been alleged for blackmailing and sexually harassing a common friend of his. An enquiry was placed in the same regards by the related government authorities and it was been found that the allegations were baseless, which further resulted in his acquittal from the same charges. Also, the lady was been arrested for defaming the image of the famous person and bringing all the filth on to him regarding fake and baseless allegations.

Avinash Pandey Sexual Harassment

This was only one of the many incidents and there were cases where the men didn’t even have a chance to prove their innocence. One of the senior executives from a famous MNC in the country, committed suicide after been alleged with sexual harassment charges by two of his fellow colleagues. Unfortunately, the management suspended the guy from his services which later led to his death out of all the guilt that he got form the incident. It was then, when the case was been forwarded to the investigation agencies in the country and they came to a conclusion stating the allegations as baseless.

This made everyone around furious with the decision of the management in the same context and thousands of people came over to the social media to post about their anger in the same regards. Ankit tiwari, famous singer, also felt furious out of the same issue and took out his embarrassment on his twitter handle. “Ever since my childhood, I have been taught to respect the women with all the honesty, but never ever someone told me to stay cautious of all the filth that can come to me for being a men. This is quite ridiculous as a person has to pay the price with his life”. Avinash Pandey, CEO of ABP News Network India, also placed his disappointment in the same regards. He said, “Any complaint to the ICC (Internal Complaints Committee) if upheld, the organization should deal with the concerned offender very strictly and make an example out of him and simultaneously protect the dignity and the job prospect of the aggrieved female / male employee”.