With the booming number of restaurants, cafes, pubs, and hotels, the competition in the hospitality business is really booming beyond measure. Thus, the necessity of good hospitality aprons is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. While choosing them for your establishment, be sure to not make some of the common mistakes. There are a number of factors which are at work behind the perfect and affordable hospitality apron. Today we are going to look at some of the basic factors which one must keep in mind while selecting the same as an apron which is not in sync with the environment of the establishment pulls down the morale of both the crew and customers alike.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind while choosing hospitality aprons. But there are some which are of primary importance both in terms of perfection and affordability.

hospitality apron

  • Branding: – The secret to any successful business is its correct marketing and exposure. Organizations, hotels and restaurants, the staff and crew wear uniforms which display the logo and the motto or slogan of the place. This not only helps in branding of the place but also helps ingrain confidence in the customers as it is human psyche to recognize through uniforms. So, make sure that the logo or the brand of your business is displayed prominently, but you must also keep in mind that you don’t go overboard and stay within a certain limit. For example, a logo or emblem on the shoulder or the upper arm is perfectly fine whereas a huge representation all over the anterior or the posterior of the uniform is frowned upon.
  • Functionality: – The function of an apron is to provide a sense of uniformity and spaces to keep basic tools of the trade handy. A waiter’s apron should have pockets for basic prongs, fork, and tablespoon whereas a chef’s apron should come without any extra clothing in the front and make of ideally fire-resistant material.

hospitality apron

  • Durable fabric: – The hospitality aprons are literally tossed around and laundered repeatedly. As a result, the chances of wear and tear are extremely high. Thus, the perfect apron should be made while keeping in mind this factor. And hence durable materials should be used. Other materials though may cost less would have to be replaced soon which would accumulate way more expensive in the long haul.
  • Crew morale: – If the crew members are made to wear hospitality aprons which are not of the right size or are grimy and dull, it reflects directly on the morale of the crew. As we have seen in the popular TV series ‘2 Broke Girls’ the disgusting uniform was repeatedly pointed out as a reason for the business to not blossom. Fitting aprons which flatter the wearer not only make the crew want to use them but also goes a great deal in improving the output of the entire crew.

hospitality apron

  • Trends: – This is a factor which most establishments do not take into account. The type of hospitality aprons should reflect accurately the type of environment on display your kind of workplace. Also, the aprons should be made while keeping in mind the trend of the time. Out of fashion aprons stand out like a sore thumb in establishments.

Affordable hospitality aprons are a dire necessity for a lot of businesses today. But you should take care that the affordability doesn’t come at the cost of the other factors, because no matter how affordable an apron is if it doesn’t go with the décor and environment of the place then it’s of no good to anybody. So while choosing the aprons, be wise, be thorough and take into account the nature of your establishment.


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