What do the professional look of your business, being environmentally conscious and work efficiency have in common? 

The use of integrated labels, of course. 

During the past several years, it can be noted that the use of integrated labels is significantly increased. Businesses invest in this cost-efficiency solution because it facilitates the office work by cutting it in half, costs less, gives a complete and professional look of the documentation and most importantly, is eco-friendly. It is truly a beneficial invention that helps the business save money from its office supplies budget and use it for something else. 

When it comes to their primary use, it is evident for what purpose they are intended to be used. Delivery dockets come first to mind. On one sheet of paper there are the two sections: the description or information about the delivery of the goods, and usually at the bottom part, there is the other section with one, two or more integrated labels that have the sending and returning address.

However, integrated labels can be used for other purposes as well. Most of them are not so obvious, so let’s take a closer look at the matter. 

  1. Reminders for Automotive Services

If you own a vehicle, you are aware that you must have it serviced regularly. And while the whole service should be done once or twice a year, there are parts in the vehicle that might need to be checked sooner. For that purpose, auto mechanics provide their clients with a copy of the service receipt along with a reminder that is printed onto the integrated labels and stuck on the necessary item. For example, it can be for repairs on a specific part, oil changes or tire rotations.

  1. Pharmaceutical Appliances

Integrated labels can be used as markers for specifics groups of medicine or chemicals in the pharmaceutical laboratories. In the first section, information about the medicine is printed while on the integrated labels their names and specifications are printed so that they can be attached to the bottles or on the shelves where they are stored. This is a very efficient way to label the medicine plus have the document with further explanation. 

  1. Messages for Presents

By using integrated labels, you can ship a product that is intended to be a gift for someone special and includes a message for the person who receives the gift. In this way, you will be able to add the marketing message so that the receiver can get both the present and the message at the same time. It’s a double win. 

  1. Multipurpose Cards

Every integrated labels manufacturer would agree that the integrated butterfly cards are probably the most used type. The reason for this is that they are an excellent solution as a membership, loyalty, discount or refer-a-friend card. The rest of the sheet is a letter that can be of a marketing nature or additional information about the card. The cards can even be made with holograms to provide an extra level of security. 

  1. Wedding Crafts

It is always interesting to take it up the notch when it comes to creativity during the wedding time. You can use the integrated labels as part of the arrangement in the wedding setting. For example, the labels can be used as “thank you” cards whereas the rest of the sheet can be used as a special message to the guest including some memories of the couple, or the menu for the night. 

  1. Classroom Use

Teachers can also make use of the integrated labels in their classrooms to create a fun and engaging environment for their students. The integrated labels can be used for the steps of the activity while the rest of the paper can be used for the instructions and directions of the activity. 

  1. Promotional Purposes

You can promote your business to members in the community by transforming the sheet into a flyer and the integrated labels into business cards. In this form, you can send the promotional material in an envelope and inform people of your special offers, deals or any other information. 

The Bottom Line

Sometimes you needn’t make a significant investment into stationery to create a professional look of your business. You can put your thinking cap on and reconsider the decisions you are making because they affect not only the company you are running but also the environment. Therefore, opting for the more cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solutions is always a better choice. 

Another reason for making such a choice is the decreased time in the labor force used to print out the documentation. Less time will be needed to complete a print of a sheet of integrated labels than printing on separate sheets of paper. As there are compatible programs that facilitate such printing, it would be very easy for the responsible employee to print out the templates in the office. 

Finally, going for integrated labels will put you on the map of conscious managers who know how to make a smart choice when it comes to choosing paper office stationery. The fact that every year the deforestation is increasing more and more only shows that every one of us must be aware of how our decisions are hurting the planet. Every little step that can decrease the speed with which we are destroying the only planet we are able to live on is crucially important to be made. If using one sheet that serves both as a document and as a label can be part of this plan, choose that solution over the one that means wasting more paper. 

The big picture is evident to everyone who likes to see it. You can save money, time, energy and save the planet by using integrated labels in your office, and it is not an exaggeration. The benefits are there, the versatilities can be seen from the above, and their purpose serves a great deal of many industries. It is up to you now which choice you are going to make, for a better tomorrow of your business and the well-being of the world as well.