Who doesn’t want smooth, shiny and juicy lips ready for a kiss? When women want to feel better, applying their favourite lip gloss or lipstick is something that immediately lifts their spirits. It is no lie; women love doing makeup when they are feeling low because it is an immediate mood booster. However, very often, when women apply their favourite lip enhancer, they tend to make some mistakes. Here are the most common ones and how to solve them.

Using the lip liner too much

Probably the most common mistake of all – the overdrawing. The effect that overdrawing has is not really complimentary – it makes you look older because of the harsh line similar to the lines that older women start getting naturally. Plus, it won’t blend well with your lip gloss. Just imagine how you would stare at a pair of lips that have three shades darker line drawn above the lip contour. It is an eyesore, right?

What to do: Use less lip liner and choose softer textures of lip glosses or lipsticks that will blend with the liner.

Use a messy, sticky formula

It is not the 2000s anymore! Lip glosses are not all sticky and don’t leave a mess after applying. You should look for formulas that feel natural and don’t feel like glue. Also, make sure that the lip gloss has natural and hydrating ingredients that won’t dry out the lips and make it flake. If you choose a dry formula, it will age the lips, emphasize the lines and cause premature wrinkles in the lip area.

What to do: Use a hydrating formula that leaves the lips dewy and shiny, Even if you use a matte formula, make sure it has enough vitamins as ingredients. Also, you can exfoliate the lips every day gently while brushing your teeth with a bit of petroleum jelly and your toothbrush.

Not Respecting Your Skin Tone

Another mistake women tend to do is neglecting the type of skin tone they have and choose shades and tints of lip gloss that are so contrary that instead of making the lips attractive, they look appalling. For example, you can’t put a sheer pink lip gloss on a dark skin tone or mix cold and warm undertones.

What to do: Choose the shades of the lipstick or lip gloss according to the example in the image below.

Not Using Lip Balm

Regardless of how many nutrients the lipstick or lip gloss claims to have, don’t forget to put a little bit of lip balm on your lips before applying your favourite shiny lip gloss. It will hydrate the lips and create a protective barrier from untested formulas. Plus, in the colder seasons, the lips naturally get drier from the elements so you must apply a generous amount of lip balm to keep your lips’ health at a high level.

What to do: Every morning after exfoliating the lips apply lip balm on the lips and wait for a couple of minutes before you apply the lip gloss or lipstick – let it set in. In the meantime, you can do the rest of your makeup. Also, apply lip balm before going to sleep and every time before you put lip gloss or lipstick. No, it is not too much lip balm, yes it is a necessary trick to have flawless lips.