Truck accidents have become such an epidemic that it is expected to become a fifth prevailing and leading cause in the deaths in the United States by 2030. Moreover, most of the casualties and fatalities were with the passengers in a motor vehicle. While the Other part of the accidents is with bicyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians.

Mentioning truck accidents points towards the large-sized trucks or trailers. For example 18 wheelers or more. These large trucks are generally used for transportation purposes like coal trucks, cement trucks, passenger buses, etc. For a better understanding, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration states that 72 percent of the accidents are due to the tractor-trailers. There are 15.5 million trucks out of which 2 million tractor-trailer drivers are present. This figure also shows that the odds for the most dangerous vehicle points towards the truck trailers.

Reasons for Such Truck Accidents:

If one can understand how these trucks operate and how they are different from any other passenger vehicle, then it may help them reduce the chances of the fatalities. For example, the most important difference between a normal vehicle and a tractor-trailer is the stopping distance after the brakes and taking the weight difference into the account. The weight of an average vehicle is of a few tons like 2tons, whereas the weight of a truck is many tons more, say, for example, 50 tons. So, there is a large difference between the two this means both will have a bit different mechanics on which they run.

It takes the tractor-trailer more distance to stop than a normal vehicle after applying brakes. For instance, a tractor-trailer, and a car are traveling at the same speed both apply brakes at the same time than the distance traveled by truck will be much more than the car before getting to a stop, like a car may travel 300 feet and the trailer may travel 500 feet.

Many times, speed also becomes a key factor in stopping distances after applying the brakes. The faster the vehicle the longer it takes to come to stop. As the sizes and the weight of the truck are large as compared to the normal vehicles that are why fatalities and injuries are common in an accident involving a trailer truck.

The statistics:

Every year, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration publishes the statistics on the road accidents this also includes a separate column for large trucks. Statistics from 2014 show an increase in truck accidents, in which half of it is reported as a rollover. Again, 61 percent of accidents involve two vehicles and while the 21 percent include multiple vehicles.

While most of the crashes have more than one contributing factors like vehicle failure, brake failures, following too close, overcompensating while steering, falling asleep while driving, physical impairment. Vehicle drivers and natural factors also contribute to the causes of accidents.

Statistics presented on Large Trucks:

1. 27 percent of the trucks have brake problems.

2. 19 percent of the truck drivers don’t know the actual route.

3. 7 percent is overly tired.

4. 1 percent is ill.

5. 0.3 percent are under the influence of alcohol.

Speeding around the curve causes many accidents. When it comes to the compensation it accounts for the much larger value as there are accident injuries and deaths, the amount compensated is then multiplied by the number of accidents which could be in thousands. However, these accidents almost account for millions of dollars in terms of fatalities and injuries. So, it would be best to contact a truck accident lawyer of a truck accident attorney if you land in a truck accident kind of situation.

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