Assigning personalized registration plate to a vehicle

Buying a new car and assigning a new personalized number plate is every exciting. The process of attaching a registration plate to a new car is streamlined, and you can do it through the online or postal medium.

Purchasing of the private number plate can be done on a Retention Certificate. It is allowed to transfer the plate directly to your car.

Ways of assigning a personalized number plate to a vehicle:

You can purchase your favorite number plate from any company or an individual. You have to carry the right documents for making your number plate when you get ready to allocate it to your personal car.

After buying the personalized registration plate, you will get:

  • V778 or the retention certificate
  • V750 or the Certificate of Entitlement

Things to remember regarding assigning personalized registration number plate to a vehicle:

  • The car to which the number plate is supposed to be assigned should be registered to you.
  • Next, you are allowed to enter into the process of transferring the registration number plate to your car via post or online.
  • If you physically visit a company and buy the number plate from there yourself, the transferring will be done for you free of cost.
  • Purchasing the private registration plate online and keeping it with you is directly related to the obtaining of V778 or V750 for completing the entire process right at the home.

The smoothest way to assign or transfer a private number plate is through online. Click on the website. If you have V750 or V778, it will be done in 5 minutes. You don’t have to pay any fee for doing it. It is required to keep the documentation in proper order.

In case, you just bought the particular vehicle and have not got permission to be the registered keeper, you have to wait till the completion of the V5C logbook that is updated. You will get a confirmation email after the DVLA’s acceptance of the application. Along with it, an authorization certificate that is eV958 will be provided to you.

Next, if have got your private number plate, you have to be sure that they are fitted quickly. You must inform your insurance company about changing or assigning a number plate before start driving your car attached to it. If you fail to inform, you may not get insurance coverage.

Again, in order to make up the personalized number plate, you can approach a number plate supplier approved by the DVLA with your V5C or V750 or V778. It is allowed to present the eV958 or the authorization certificate as confirmation.

Way to assign a personalized number plate by post:

If you prefer post over the internet, you can submit your application to the DVLA by the postal medium. It will take a long time to process further. In certain cases, submitting the documents through a postal medium is important because you will receive a message which states that the particular registration number is unable to be assigned.

Again, another message may arrive stating that it is needed to take a look into the application further because of the licensing history of the vehicle.

The time it takes for private number plate assigning:

After assigning the private registration number plate to the vehicle, the owner will get a new logbook by post which is called V5C. it may take up to 4-6 weeks for arriving. After the approval of the application is sanctioned, you can immediately start using your number plate.

The eligibility criteria:

You cannot do the following things:

  • Assign any number that starts with NIQ, or, Q
  • Put a personalized number on a vehicle registered with Q
  • Attach a private number that can make a particular vehicle look newer

Your car should be:

  • Registered with the DVLA
  • Capable of moving on its own
  • The vehicle must fall under a specific type that requires an MOT or HGV (heavy goods vehicle) certificate
  • The vehicle must be properly taxed, and have a SORN continuously for 5 years
  • The vehicle should be ready for inspection

The DVLA checks the application and contacts the owner in case his/her vehicle requires an inspection.