For those who want quality and innovative manufacturing done in a fast and right manner, then rapid prototyping will bring all your concepts, ideas, and designs brought to light within a few days.

Rapid prototyping is vital as it allows you to physically inspect and review your product design before it finally rolled out for mass production. We all have different production or manufacturing needs, and rapid prototyping provides the perfect solution.

Some of the most common services offered rapid prototyping companies include:

Low volume manufacturing 

Low volume manufacturing will provide innovative solutions for your production and prototype needs. From the concept phase to design, all of your ideas and concepts will be identical to the same as the final product.

The low-volume production will help you make tweaks to your original designs, ensuring the final parts and products will be of the highest quality that will match all the commercial and consumer needs.

Regardless of the research or project size, the prototypes will be of the highest quality and will be at a reasonable cost. C’mon it doesn’t get any better than that

Production with sheet metals

Rapid prototype company makes it possible to create complex and complicated metal parts from sheet metals that are both durable and versatile. The advantage with rapid prototyping you can use a wide variety of metal to produce sheet metals ranging from a single to thousands of prototypes.

The most commonly used metals include:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Silver
  • Gold

Types of metal produced from sheet metals

Metal plate

When metal sheets exceed a 6mm thickness, they are known as metal plates. These metal parts have so many applications; they can be bent, stamped, rolled, or cut to create identical parts. They have a wide variety of options in industrial and manufacturing applications

Metal coils

Metal coils are an alternative option when it comes to metal manufacturing; not every metal can be manufactured using flat sheets of leaf, foils, or layer of metal.

The metal sheets are used in plenty of industrial applications; they have enhanced durability and decorative that can be tailor-designed into unique and complex shapes depending on your needs and specifications.

The most commonly used methods of sheet metal manufacture include:

  • Stamping of metal parts with designs
  • Bending metals int desired shapes
  • Seaming metals together
  • Punching shapes and holes into metal parts
  • Cutting of the metals using lasers.