There is nothing delicious and tasty than the coffee that’s why it is famous and loved all over the world. In the US almost every person uses to drink coffee in its routine. The coffee boxes are playing an important role to avail you of the coffee at your retail shops and supermarkets. Coffee also comes in coffee bags and coffee jars. But above all of them, the coffee packaging boxes are the most important packaging solution.

Several packaging companies are producing and selling coffee packing boxes that are available easily in the online market. Anyone can contact and buy these boxes online sitting in the office or home. If you want to catch the maximum customer towards your coffee product then you need to provide the best coffee packing. The customer highly notices the packing of the coffee while picking up the best coffee from the supermarket or smart shop. You may also use the coffee gift box for the couples because the couples use to give such gifts to their partners. It’s a kind of spreading love among lovers.

What are the types of coffee boxes?

There are several types of coffee boxes available in the market and being used all over the US. Different people have different choices about the packing of the products. Therefore, the companies have to keep in mind the choices of their customers according to the market segmentation. You can segment the market and assess your customers geographically and demographically. If you are worried about which type of coffee box is best for you then you may analyze the common types of coffee boxes with details.
Coffee Boxes







  • Trade Coffee
  • Drift away Coffee
  • Misto Box
  • Counter Culture

Trade coffee:

The trade coffee subscription boxes are well known all over the US because of the suitability and affordability of these boxes. These boxes are very reliable and are easily available everywhere. Therefore, if you are looking for the best coffee packaging solution for a B2B coffee business then this is the right option for you.

Drift away coffee:

The drift away coffee boxes are another type of coffee packaging boxes. This is a branded coffee box type that is available all over the US and is very suitable for small coffee packets. You can pack a number of coffee sashay in a single drift away coffee packing boxes. These boxes are made of cardboard and are easily customized by the packaging experts.

Misto Box:

Misto box coffee packing is similar to the drift away boxes because these are also of the same shape and design. The difference is only of the name of the company and the quality of the material. However, it is not clear which one is the best box out of them but you can evaluate them from different aspects according to your needs and requirements.

Counter culture boxes:

The counter-culture coffee box is commonly used for display purposes. The shape and design of the box are very attractive and customer friendly. These boxes are open and close from the top that makes it easier to open and close. Most of the shops and supermarkets keep these coffee boxes on display.

There are many other types of coffee boxes that we cannot discuss in detail. However, we can mention the names below that you can find out on the internet.
Coffee Boxes


  1.         Bean Box
  2.         Black Oak Coffee Roasters
  3.         Caraballo Coffee