The huge M9 motorway interchange was opened for the public recently in Bahria town Karachi. This is a huge construction project that is an investment of a private real estate agent. There was so much time and energy invested in this project in Pakistan.

The main purpose of building this massive project in Bahria town is to assist the inhabitants and the travelers living there. There are various other constructions included in this 8 km long interchange that is the access road, service road, bridge extension, new bridge construction, slip roads, 3 underpasses, and a part of M9 also passes through this interchange.

The land area covered is 35 acres, and it is also utilized to make the place beautiful by horticulture alongside the road. Moreover, various trees, plants, shrubs are artistically planted along this long way. Furthermore, a new age drainage system is also included.

The M9 interchange for more convenience widens it into a 4 lane. The interchange is also secured by safety features such as an 8 feet grill and a 3 feet guard rail alongside. The Bahria interchange is also an inspiration of the 18 lanes Jinnah Avenue by the sheikh zayad road Dubai.

The residents and the travellers’ passing through this interchange highly appreciated the efforts to complete the construction within the time and also with great quality. This M9 project has given so much joy and ease of transportation to the people living there.

Even before 5 years, the Bahria town constructed an underpass and flyover bridge that improves the living standard and conveyance of the residents by Malik Riaz Hussain Chairman of Bahria Town and Malik Ali Riaz Chief Executive Officer of Bahria Town in Pakistan.