The hairs are the important ones for human beings as this will give the young look for the people. Both men and women will face the hair fall problem due to aging, hormonal imbalance, improper maintenance, junk foods, improper diet, and various other reasons. If you’re the person faced the major hair fall and so you have patchy bald or full bald then this hair transplant in punjab is the suitable one. You will find the surgery to be a budget-friendly one and so even the foreigners are coming here to have the surgery.

What is hair transplant surgery?

The transplantation of the hair will be the most popular in the modern days as this will help the people to gain the lost hair in a short period of time. The transplantation of the hair will take only a few hours and also only a few grafts of the hair will be transplanted. If the doctors need to transfer the number of the hair grafts to the patients then they will postpone the surgery to the next day. The patient needs to avoid smoking, drinking and also the taking of the vitamin tablet. This is because this will help them to cure the injury in the short span of the time.

You will find the surgery to be more special for men and women and so they will able to get back the lost hope, style and also confidence. The men will find the baldness often genetically and so this surgery will be the backbone for gaining their beauty immediately. The patients will find the transplantation will be much simple and also they will never find any permanent side effects if it is treated by experienced people.

Which technique is the best one for the hair transplantation process?

 The transplantation of the hair from one part of the body to the other will be possible with the help of the various techniques like the follicular unit extraction and the other one is the follicular unit transplantation. This means that the doctors will assess the health condition of patients, scalp and the required amount of the hair to be transplanted. Then only they will predict the suitable technique for your hair. The cost of the hair transplantation will vary with the two techniques but the follicular unit extraction is the advanced one and also this will be a little bit costlier than the fut.

The hair transplant in punjab will be done with the common procedure called the fut but if the patients need only the less amount of the hair then fue is the better one. The doctors will take the hair follicles from the backside of the head for hair transplantation mostly but sometimes they will take the hairs from the other parts of the body like the hands, thighs, legs, pubic areas, etc. In the fut, the strip of the follicles will be transplanted but in the follicular unit extraction, only the individual hair follicles will be extracted.