Duke of York Physio operates in Mississauga, offering excellent physiotherapy near me to our valued clients. Our physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga has a dedicated team of health care professionals. Our female physiotherapists & massage therapists are licensed with the college of physiotherapists and Massage therapists of Ontario. You are never away from accessing our first-class services of physiotherapy through our highly professional physiotherapists.

If you have ever taken the services of physiotherapy in Mississauga you might understand the benefits of having this therapy. We are always there to provide you guidance, knowledge, and therapy whatever you need from our experts. We don’t let our clients feel formal when they come to us to have a physiotherapy treatment. Because we have such a friendly and highly professional female & male therapists that can make your experience with us very good. Once you have come to us, you don’t need to worry about your physical pains. Our therapists are there to remove all of your pains & recover your sports injuries as well.

Our commitment to providing the best physiotherapy treatment for the last 10 years to our clients distinguishes us from the other physiotherapy clinics. And you will feel the difference after having experience with our experts.

Why choose us for your better physiotherapy treatment?

Being professionals in this field, we have been working there in Mississauga for a long time. Having a wonderful experience with our professional therapists, our clients always appreciate our services through feedback. We have secured a well-reputed name in the physiotherapy industry which makes us special for you. We promise to remove all of your body pains, stresses, and sports injuries at the most competitive prices. Once you give us a chance to service you as your first Mississauga physiotherapy clinic, you will surely wish to be there next time. Having one of the best physiotherapists’ team we are confident in our services that are enough good to meet your expectations from us.

When you may book our services?

  • Having back & neck problem
  • Post-surgery
  • Sports injuries
  • Elderly Physiotherapy treatment

Having a back & neck problem:

This is the most common case in our physiotherapy patients for which they come to us and get rid of these issues. You often neck & back pain due to stress, hardworking, overplaying, or not moving for a long time. You don’t need to worry if you are having neck pain or back problem. Because our physiotherapists are waiting for you to remove all of your neck and back pains. This is our duty to protect you from any kind of unusual pain whether it’s your back or neck. Duke of York Physio is one of the best physiotherapy clinics in Mississauga where you get immediate cure to your physical pains at the lowest prices.


When you get surgery to any of your body parts it takes time to become normal for that particular part of your body. Usually, the part of your body remains red and keeps paining unless you don’t get recovered thoroughly. To recover your pain immediately, you may get pour physiotherapy treatment in which our expert physiotherapist will make the physiotherapy of your affected body part using the best physiotherapy skills. If you want to recover your post-surgery body before the normal recovery time, then you can contact us.

Sports injuries:

A single sports injury can make you disable to continue your game for a long time. Whether you have to get a normal sports injury or a serious one, it will affect the functionality of your body. You need immediate cure to this problem so that you may continue the practice and join the game again. You need to contact us for the best physiotherapy treatment that will give you a quick recovery from your sports injuries. Our expert physiotherapists are specialized in sports injury treatment using physiotherapy treatment.

Elderly physiotherapy treatment:

Don’t worry if you crossing 50 or 60 years of age. Physiotherapy treatment can make your bones and muscles active and strong. We have the right solution for you that will make you younger than your age. Our physiotherapists are waiting for your physiotherapy treatment to reduce your bones’ weakness and muscle pains. We understand that you are missing your young age, that’s why we are here to remind it through the best physiotherapy treatment that you expect from a reliable and well-reputed pain clinic in Mississauga.