Chimney Sweep

Chimneys, apart from being the medium to pass the smoke from your home to outside, add a style to your house. In the early 17th century, these chimneys were primarily considered to be a symbol of aristocracy. These large concrete chimneys may look stylish but need regular maintenance.

Many households have to experience considerable damages to the property and even life. If you do not clean these chimneys at regular intervals, then they become a haven for toxic gases, including deadly carbon monoxide that usually is produced due to continuous deposits of greasy soot, poor ventilation. These poisonous gases cannot escape creating an umbrella. These gases start coming down into the room, and due to this, your room gets covered with the bad and foul smell.

Often the fireplace gets chocked, and you do not get satisfactory results even after burning fresh logs. It not only spoils the cozy comfort in chilling winters, but your house becomes prone to fire. If a recent survey is taken into notice, then around 25,000 households face fire due to inadequate maintenance of the chimneys.

Do not ignore foul smell:

If you find foul smell coming out from the chimney or even the logs that you place for burning in the fireplace are not burnt wholly creating a choking like situation, then it is time for you to get your chimney repaired. These chimneys develop such an uncanny odor due to the fixed deposit of toxic gas like carbon monoxide having dangerous implications. If you encounter a similar situation, then without wasting any time, call the chimney repair person.

Fumes turn toxic inside chimney:

The reason is simple and practical. If the fumes produced from the logs burning in the fireplace cannot escape through the vent as required, then the fumes would transform into gas like carbon monoxide and would tend to push downwards. Hence, you should always ensure that the outlet of the chimney is clear so that the fumes can easily escape into the air. Also, these chimneys develop cracks due to non-maintenance. Apart from that, the damp situation inside the chimney can cause serious accidents, including the collapse of the chimney.

Major reasons why fireplace stinks:


The formation of moisture inside the chimney can be dangerous and lead to several problems. There are numerous professional ways to cap the chimneys. Therefore, call a technician to get the cracks or holes in your chimney cap. Moisture can not only create an uncanny odor but damage the construction that would weaken the installation. Worst, moisture can mix with the creosote that will have a stale smell.

Air pressure:

Ensure the air pressure is normal. Negative air-pressure would create a bad smell across your homes. Remember, air-pressure has a vital role to play. This problem becomes a menace for the centrally air-conditioned homes as the odor cannot escape and keep on circulating within the four walls of your house. Hence, it is imperative to keep the outlets open and allow bad air or gases to escape.

Cleaning creosote:

Annual maintenance is a must for all those households that have a chimney. Often a tar like substance called creosote is caused due to incomplete burning of logs. These deposits not only create a foul smell similar to asphalt but are also unhealthy. Being sticky, they chock the outlets which stop the toxic gasses from escaping in the air. This creosote must be removed while cleaning the chimney.

Netted chimney cap:

These chimneys often become the nest for birds that chokes the outlets by stacking twigs etc. Rats make barrow inside the holes made for the exit of fumes. All these can result in a bad smell. However, you can use netted chimney caps to get rid of this menace.

Leftover leaves:

Flora and fauna may not always be welcomed, especially inside the chimney. Well, jokes apart, the wild growth of leaves or trees inside the chimney could weaken the structure apart from resulting in poor smell. Even decomposed leaves would create a bad odor. Such things should be removed while cleaning the vent. However, it may be quite hazardous too.

These are the main reasons to look at if you find a bad or foul smell coming out of the chimney. Always remember to have annual maintenance done. Ensure the repair work is done by a professional chimney repair or chimney sweep company since they know their job well and can deliver the goods and services as per your satisfaction. However, never ignore such smell as it could be an indication of a bigger problem in the offing.