Chocolates can be an excellent flavor ingredient and health enhancer as well. This bittersweet ingredient is formed from cocoa seeds that are found in cocoa trees’ fruit. These seeds are scooped out from the cocoa pod and then left for fermentation and further roasted and ground to form chocolates. From desserts to beverages, chocolates are used in different food items. People consume chocolates for many reasons. Today, you can easily find an online store for chocolate from where you can avail of your favorite chocolates.

Chocolate consumption has majorly contributed to the global economy as well. Around the year, more than 3 million tons of cocoa seeds are consumed by people in the form of chocolates. The estimated annual sales of chocolates have been contributed to $83 billion in revenue. With the growing economies and developing industries, chocolates have emerged as the first and significant food items that can majorly contribute to the global economy. Many of the countries have been radically transforming their chocolate sales and adding to their economy.

Take a look at some of the chocolate facts that you need to know-:

  • 50% of the world’s chocolate revenue comes from the European continent.
  • 20% of the world’s chocolate consumption accounts in the United States.
  • 91% of women prefer to eat chocolate; more than 87% of men.
  • 20% of the global chocolate market is held by Asian markets.
  • Approximately $400 million chocolates are purchased on Valentine’s Day every year.
  • The United States stands as the leader of net cocoa importers, with 29.96% of the total world imports in their account.
  • An average German, Swiss, or Brit citizen eat around 24 pounds of chocolate every year.

How Can You Use Chocolates?

The idea of eating chocolates after a bad day at work seems like a tempting idea. You can add chocolates in your ice cream, cookies, brownies, or eat them raw; you can possibly do anything with your chocolate. There are plenty of ways in which you can use chocolates. This bitter sweet ingredient made from cocoa seeds is not made to eat as confectionary; there are plenty of ways in which you can put chocolates into good use. Before chocolates were used as rich ingredients used in food, there were varied uses of chocolates.

If you also want to know the numerous ways of using chocolates, take a look at the below list that states the ways in which you can be used other than consuming-:

Hard Cash

It is often said as a sarcastic comment that money doesn’t grow on trees. But, a few decades down the lane, money actually grew on the cocoa trees in the form of cocoa beans. Believe it or not, Mayans who are deemed to discover chocolates used it as a currency to exchange goods.

Body Paint

Chocolate is packed with antioxidant ingredients that are highly beneficial for your skin. Hence, it is widely used as body paint to cover your body with the chocolate spread and avail the essential nutrients.

Swirled Cheese

Putting an extra ingredient into cheese to enhance its flavors is not a new thing. Chocolates are added into cheese to give them a sweet flavor that can be used as a spread.

Fighting Tooth Decay

Your teeth are the most precious asset, and you would do anything to keep it healthy. Tooth decay can be detrimental to your teeth. The cocoa extract can be used to get rid of tooth decay than any other fluoride.


Chocolates go well with beverages. With cold whiskey to hot rum, chocolates can be used to make the boozy beverages more luxurious with its creamy texture and flavor.

Cleaning Car

Escherichia coli bacteria have a sweet tooth that you can efficiently use to clean your car.


Chocolates are highly used in perfumes these days. It is one of the prevalent smell that can make you feel fresh and rich. The chocolate perfumes smell like fresh-baked bread and coffee that are great to add a luxurious touch to your personality.

The Bottom Line

Chocolates are great flavor ingredients that are used in adding a rich and bittersweet taste in your desserts and beverages. There are many health benefits of chocolates, making them even more popular among the people. You can find different types of chocolates as well that are different in flavors and preparation methods. Apart from relishing the flavors of this amazing cocoa seed preparation, there are plenty of different ways in which chocolates can be used.

The above mentioned were some of the common uses of chocolates other than chocolates that you need to be aware of. So, next time think of using chocolates differently instead of just eating it.


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