Vaping has been witnessing remarkable growth and is blooming with a lot of customers. According to the statistics, 6 in 9 people are tempted to vape every day. Therefore, with such high rates, it is reasonable to have novices who are yet to fully acknowledge and explore the intriguing realm of vaping. So, if you are a newbie and are shy to reach out for help, then worry not you have been covered. All you need to do is ask a set of questions to your vape shop owner to understand what you are getting yourself into. 

Can I get a vaping liquid that suits my smoking habit? 

You must clear your vape shop owner about how much of a smoker you are. Because if you are a heavy smoker, you would require different vaping contents that would have comparatively more nicotine than the ones that mild smokers have. Therefore, it is essential to let your vape store owner know your smoking habits and provide you the vape liquids in accordance with that. 

How much nicotine should I consume per day? 

Most of the vapers are smokers who, in an attempt to quit smoking, have switched on to vaping; therefore, they go for flavors that have nicotine in them. But the question here is that what amount will be perfectly healthy for you and which amount could exceed the required levels, thereby causing hazardous risks. So, seek the assistance of your vape store owner on this, enquire about the nicotine percentage you could handle, and then make your purchase according to his suggestions. Mostly, the general estimation is around:

  • For heavy smokers, the perfect amount would be 20 mg, which would be enough to satiate their craving for nicotine and also provide them with their much-needed throat hit. 
  • For mild smokers, it is advised to consume 6 mg-10 mg a day. This would satisfy your nicotine share you wanted the whole day and also give you a much desired vaping experience. 
  • And if by chance, you happen to be a non-smoker, then you can go for flavors that possess zero percent of nicotine. 

Can I taste this vaping liquid, because if I did not like it, I would try to come up with a better one? 

So, choosing flavors could be tedious and intricating. Thus to reduce the complexity and Lowe down your confusion in choosing vape flavors. Everyone has apprehensions about whether their chosen flavor would be that good as they expected it to be or not. So, to avoid such unnecessary confusion, it would be in your best interest to test each potential flavor you thought of buying to make the final purchase ultimately. 

How many levels of daily vaping do I need to cross before getting addicted? 

So the whole sole reason why you opted vaping was to end your smoking addiction, but if you get addicted to vaping, that would potentially have threats. You cannot just have another addiction to drop one addiction. Therefore, it is essential for you to confirm your vape shop owner regarding the daily quantities that would keep you away from being addicted. 

If, by chance, I get addicted, can you suggest to me how to quit or put an end to my addiction? 

Addictions are unhealthy and could pose a severe life threat. Therefore, to remain the healthiest and happiest version of yourself, you need to fight the addiction and rise above it. There could be the following expected answers:

  • Make a list of the pros and cons of your habit and then compare it with your schedule. If the cons outweigh your limit for a day and affect you in any way, then simply stop. And if you feel the urge to vape again, just look at the reason why you are avoiding this crave. 
  • Download apps that would assist you in refraining from your addiction or quit vaping. Currently, there are many apps that help their users to overcome addiction and fight such addictive clutches of vaping. 
  • Get rid of all your vaping supplies. This would not fixate you one point, and you would actually move on from what’s actually happening.