Realistically assessing the cyber security risk and prioritizing measures is a not entirely trivial undertaking, especially for industrial companies. Some pioneers in the industry are wondering whether it makes sense to hire hackers themselves – of course they should be ethical hackers with CEH training with Middle East, formerly known as white hats. Ethical hacking is the process of finding vulnerabilities in software and at the same time ways to actively exploit these gaps. It is very easy to differentiate between criminal and ethical hacking.

High Demand of Ethical Hackers

While a criminal hacker is looking for data theft or manipulation, an ethical hacker is hired by companies to check their security system for vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities. It gets a little more difficult when the term hacktivism is added. Most hacktivists also hack for ethical reasons, even though they do so without permission or a specific assignment. They see themselves as modern and invisible fighters for humanity and make it their task, for example, to uncover political corruption or fraudulent events within large companies.

White Hat Hackers help to prevent cyber attacks

White hat hacking is a term in our modern digitized world. An ethical hacker is not going to do any harm with his hacks. On the contrary, the opposite is true. It detects vulnerabilities in the security system as part of so-called penetration tests so that they can be closed before a hacker with malicious intent can take advantage of them. So an ethical hacker is an expert who uses his or her skill to help companies that hire him to protect against cyberattacks by helping them improve their security network.

Future in Cyber Security

Finding really good ethical hackers is not easy, because – unsurprisingly – they are in high demand. If you have a degree in computer science, have a special interest in cybersecurity and have received further training, you are certainly not the worst candidate. Making security experts out of software specialists is relatively easy. In contrast, building software knowledge for security experts is a lot more complicated (because that’s exactly what you need to crack a system). In addition, it takes a good deal of curiosity to find out exactly how a system works if you really want to be a good certified ethical hacker in Abu Dhabi.