Customer reviews are highly influential for any business. They play a vital role in building business credibility.

A review tells the readers about a customer’s experience with your business. It provides a fresh perspective to your potential customers about how your business can be of help to them and why they should choose you instead of other car dealers.

In fact, 88% of people have been found to trust online reviews from other customers. This means your brand is defined by the experience you have provided your customers. Therefore, it has become increasingly important for businesses to get customers to write reviews for them. Here are a few ways to accomplish this.

1. Ask for Reviews

Sometimes the process can be as simple as asking your customers to write reviews for your business. Once you have made a sale, you can ask your customer to write about his/her remarks. Additionally, when customers bring their cars for repair and maintenance purposes, you can request them to write about the services they received once the process has been completed.

You can ask for these reviews personally or send them a personalized email requesting for the same. Once you have received the testimonials, you can display these on your website.

2. Offer an Incentive

An incentive at the end of a review process signifies a token of appreciation for the time a customer spends to write the review for your car dealership. For example, you can offer a discount on cherished number plates or a gift to a reviewer chosen randomly. These can encourage your customers to write testimonials for your website.

3. List Your Business in Local Search Directories

Various local search directories allow members to write reviews for the businesses listed there. It is wise to claim your car dealership in these websites. Once good reviews start piling up, you can share them on your website.

In addition to that, you can also list your car dealership in a niche review site since many potential buyers are quite likely to go through these websites before landing on your page.

4. Make the Review Process Easy

Not all customers will review your business, but the percentage of those who are willing to do so will decrease automatically if the review process is complex. Customers will be investing their valuable time to review your car dealership. Therefore, you would need to make the process as easy as possible for them.

You can consider using a simple form that customers can fill out in a couple of minutes. Another method will be to simply ask them to send their feedback via Email or social media platforms. You can also inform them about the various review sites that your business is listed in.

5. Thank Your Reviewers

Every time a customer sends a review for your business, you should make it a point to thank him/her. A simple “Thank you for your feedback” can go a long way in building trust. Such a gesture can convert a satisfied customer into a loyal one.

You can also consider requesting a picture of the person and include it along with the review. A short video mentioning the customer’s name and thanking him/her can also be highly effective.

If the review sites allow it, you may consider sending a ‘Thank you’ note to every person who has reviewed the products and services your business provides.

6. Make Your Customers Happy

Unless a customer is happy with the products and services your business provides, your chances of receiving reviews from them would be slim. Therefore, the first step is to identify the problems your customers are facing and creating solutions for them.

If your customers have any doubts regarding a service or a car, you should respond immediately. This will show that you care about their concerns and that you are committed to making their experience with your car dealership a smooth one.

Negative feedback may arise in case a customer isn’t satisfied with the car you sold or the services provided. In that case, it is important to address such criticism since this can help you improve your marketing strategies.

These strategies can help you generate reviews easily. An appreciable number of impressive reviews can help in improving your business prospects by generating fresh leads and retaining the existing ones.