Kaftans are originated from an Islamic country such as Iraq, Turkey, Syria, and the Middle East. This long loose outfit was designed for women as a modest dress and gives full-body coverage. This ankle-length dress has loose sleeves and has a knotted belt or stash at the waist area to give a little fitting look at the bodice. The most common fabric used for the Kaftan is silk. Silk gives a great fall and drapes on this design. At Ounass you will be able to find various brands and designers offering Kaftans in silk material, each with a unique design and style which will crave you for wanting more. In case you want to invest in more than one silk Kaftan, you can use the Ounass promo code to get a discount.

Comfort and Style

The Kaftan provides comfort when worn by a woman. Apart from giving comfort, they give off a very glamorous look, and the best part is that it looks great on all body types despite their figure, size, and height. The silk Kaftan provides drapes that hide the extra body mass which a plus size figure may have; hence this is the reason why it is the best selling material among the plus-size ladies. If you have a plus size figure, you can opt for a variety of silk kaftans at a reasonable price with Ounass promo code.

Perfect on Petite Figures

If you have the petite body type and have a tall height, then the silk Kaftan will look excellent. You can make it versatile by adding an off-shoulder look and a slit from the side to show some skin and also your lovely body features. This can be perfect for weddings and red carpet events. Petite girls can also opt for a stash on the bodice area to enhance their waist area and also a low V neckline. Ounass promo code will help you in getting a discount on some of the modern cuts silk Kaftans which might be expensive.

Luxurious and Expensive Fabric

Silk is a luxurious fabric in the market, and whatever is made out of silk gives off a very glamorous and rich look. This is why silk kaftans are particularly famous among women who want to wear them at weddings of their friends or family members. Ounass has different brands and designers who are selling out their excellent collection of silk Kaftan with work on the bodice, neckline, and hem area. There are many with sequence and beads work on them and some bold silk prints which enhance the beauty of the dress. Since silk is a luxury fabric, a silk Kaftan might be expensive but with the help of the Ounass promo code, you can get this gorgeous one-piece clothing at a reasonable price.

Not only in the Middle East, are silk kaftans famous all around the world. The top high-end brand now has its line of silk Kaftans and you won’t be surprised to see many actresses, models, and influencers sporting silk Kaftan on important red carpet events such as Oscars, Grammys, different state dinners and balls. Ounass promo code can help you get this luxurious outfit at a great price.